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How Bentonite Clay Benefits Your Moisture Levels

Clays are one of those natural elements from the earth providing to us a multitude of benefits. One of them is better absorption of hydration and moisture retention.

On a daily/weekly/monthly basis, we use a lot of products in our hair.
And some of it cannot be removed using a regular shampoo as sometimes you need a deep cleanser to get all of the gunk out. This is where clay comes in because it strips the hair of everything. It leaves the hair strands clean as the the product wrapped under each cuticle layer the scalp and hair with a clean state for you to add hydration back into it. Remember, hydration and moisture are not the same however they do work hand in hand.

You replenish your hair with hydration in 3 ways:
Deep Conditioner
A Leave-In conditioner (Water-Based)

And you ensure moisture is sealed in using the:
LCO/LOC Method. 

How it works?
Bentonite Clay is  also known as the Aztec Indian Healing Clay.

It is negatively charged which means it is able to remove impurities from your hair. Most of the hair products that we use today contain positive charged ions (also called cationic). Once both come into contact with each other, the bentonite clay will remove the positive ions. It is able to go the deepest layers of your hair shaft and remove product build up that has been there for years. 

Therefore, making a great addition to your shampoo, especially shampoo bars.

So it will leave the hair strand naked aka without any form of hydration.
Once it is free you are able to add your own hydration products that are able to attach to the strands to be absorb itself into it. In addition, you can add your favorite oils and creams to keep the hydration "sealed" in for better moisture absorption.

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