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Amazing Product


I used this in my daughter’s hair and the way it her curls pop was EVERYTHING!!! I have had trouble finding a product that was not too heavy for Blair’s hair Tailored Beauty is perfect for her hair type.

Curling cream

This product is awesome! I’m currently on my 8th day of my twist out and I still have definition and moisture.

Love Love the products.

They smell so good and feels amazing.I use this for my daughter and son. Will be buying again.

Keeps My Hair Moist!

My stylist has been using Tailored Beauty for some years now but I finally started ordering it once the pandemic hit and I couldn’t go to the salon as much anymore. I started out buying only the Everything Butter. It definitely keeps my hair full of moisture. I later saw that some of the products were being sold in my local Walmart and decided to try the Perfect Coils Curling Jelly along with the Everything Butter and then!! I saw a match made in heaven. Finally my natural curls are full of moisture for days! It’s an exciting feeling when you have found the right products. I’m very honored to say I use Tailored Beauty and I look forward to Everything Butter being sold in stores soon so I do not have to have it delivered.

Great Buy

This edge control holds wonderfully! I'm glad I purchased it!

Just started using the Products on my daughter hair and I love how it keeps it moisturizer. With other products her hair will be dry by the end of the day.

I love it !

I love it. It makes my hair more manageable!

I love it!

I used it once so far and after I finish washing my hair. My hair was very soft after it’s not heavy and smell great! It makes my curls stand out...


This product have worked wonders after the first time of using it made my hair very soft and i use it then did twist afterwards I’ve been using it for a little less then a month and have noticed my hair getting more manageable..

The Search Is Over

I have spent years and a lot of money trying to find the right product for my hair. A product that would totally moisturize and leave my hair shiny and beautiful for weeks at a time. Well, the Curling Jelly is my winner. No more looking for products and wasting money. The firm hold and luster that my hair has is awesome, and my grey is happy. No flaking or dusty residuals when touching. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank you for creating this line and PLEASE DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING. Much success to you. Your forever customer...

Game changer

My hair is soooooooo soft and moisturized. Finally products that work on my hair. Have only been using for a week but still recognized a change. Glad I purchased the kit.

Hair saver

Love this oil. My hair has been soft ever since I started using it. Covid broke my hair off and since I started using it the spot of hair missing is growing back. Will be buying more.

This product is the only thing (along with their shampoo) brings out my curl pattern & and makes my hair extremely soft!!! It makes my daughter’s curl pattern pop too!! (I have 4c type hair btw) I just feel they should have more product , b/c it runs out fast.

I looovvee this

I love this product the most! It makes my hair feel moisturized for days & I enjoy using this for my hot oil treatment.

I love this product

It took me awhile to find the right product fir my hair. The entire product line left my curls soft and popping.

I love it!

I love this conditioner. It's my first time trying this product. I use it every other day, wet or dry hair. It feels good and smells great. Like subtle lemon, mint. Seeps right into your hair, doesn't sit on your hair. And it gives my hair a nice sheen. I love it.

Love this butter!

I've been using this since it first came out. I love this butter. I use it from head to toe. Especially the toes!

Just started taking these so there is no growth to report. The pills are big for me but I get them down. I can say they are real natural herbs because they smell and taste like it! My first reaction was they taste like dirt! Like freshly picked herbs. Which indicated to they were the real deal. You're to take 2 a day with a meal. But because of the size I can only take 1 a day (I usually eat just once a day). Because everyone is different it will react differently to your body. For me as with all vitamins they change the color of my urine. These however, changed the odor. Again, an indication that these are real herbs. It smelled like herbs. I brought a 3 month supply because of the value and that's how long it usually takes for changes to occur in your body. But I know they will last longer because I can only take 1 a day. I'm hoping that they will not only help with length but thickness. I have very fine hair that has been thinning out especially because of menopause.
We shall see how this goes.


This provides so much moisture to my daughter’s hair. I love it and will keep buying it.

Haven't used but once

I can say that since I only used it once, I liked it. My hair and scalp have never felt so clean. I intend on ordering more.
I would recommend.

Love the consistency!

I love this leave in conditioner. It smells good and I absolutely love the consistency. It is a smooth whip but gives my thick hair much needed moisture!

This Stuff Is Gold!

Just finished my second bottle of vitamins and I have never seen this much growth. I am stunned at the quality of my hair from being consistent with Tailored Beauty products. The picture is March 2020/February 2021. Vitamins were started in December 2020. Buy the vitamins. The price is a STEAL!

Absolutely Love

I have been looking forever for a product that would work for me and my daughter. My daughter's hair is so soft now and manageable. My hairdressers is placing an order she fell on love too. Left my hair so soft and silky and growing so nice. My only request is I need some shampoo. When will it be back in stock?

Used on daughter twist

My daughter twist came out nicely

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