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My son and I started using this product for over a week now. Let me just say our hair feels amazing. Ends are no longer dry and my husband loves the smell of it. My curls are popping again. If you want strong and health hair order asap

Shampoo bar

Love love love that shampoo bar. Not only is it genius to have it in a bar but it made my scalp and hair feel so clean. My only suggestion is a reusable box to store it in after use. Other than that, I would totally recommend to anyone.

New favorite conditioner

Leaves hair more moisturized and manageable. Something my daughter greatly needed

Great product

I use this for both my daughter and myself and works great for both of us, even though we have different hair types


This everything butter is amazing on my daughters hair also the mist works very well on their hair too. They are both Tender headed and it makes life so much easier. The smell is amazing to smells like candy. Softness their hair and I also use it in my hair too. The thickening oil keeps their scalp moist no more flakes and our hair looks so healthy now and stays so soft

Awesome product!

I use it on my body and hair. I even use it to smooth out my crochet hair before I wear it out or put on a hat. Leaves body moisturized not a greasy feel. I even travel with it! I highly recommend.


This butter is very moisturizing. Use for my hair and skin

Great item

I love the vitamins and my hair is growing and healthy ... Thank you


Immediately as I opened the product I could smell the ayurvedic ingredients in it which was a clear indication that this is going to be a BOMB deep conditoner. The consistency was creamy so it was easy to coat through my hair using my fingers and denman brush. After leaving it in for 15 minutes, the results were hydrated, defined, and soft curls.

LOVE LOVE LOVE and will be purchasing again.

Beauty Box

The beauty box was filling with wonderful products. I have naturally curly hair and eczema which can be a challenge. These products made my hair very, no frizz, and extremely lite. When I wake up the next day my hair is very soft and manageable. Additionally, there are no tangles nor irritated skin unlike previously used products. Thank you for providing sensitive skin safe products with absolutely amazing results.


The jelly has lived up to his name.
I applied it to my damp hair and immediately the curls started forming.
I used it for my twist out and the results were perfectooooooo.

Also, did I mention that my hair stayed moisturized for 5 days?
Yes, I will purchase again ~

Perfect twist out!

I have never thought to use a curling jelly for a twist out. I always use creams, and occasionally mousse. My twist out came out perfect. My hair was shiny, and the hold was soft and not crunchy or sticky. I have every one of her products, and every product is amazing! My hair loves them and so do I!

Great shampoo

This shampoo bar lathered quick and it only took a little bit to do so. I have dry scalp, and it gently cleaned my scalp, and rid my hair of flakes. I discovered these products a month ago, and since then have ordered every single one. My hair was damaged from color, and these products have brought my hair back to life. Best products I have tried the nine years of being natural, and I am addicted! Customer for life!

Very Happy!!

I just started my journey with dread locs and I have never had issues with a dry scalp prior to. I reach out to my bestfriend who suggested these products. I assumed I had to get products specifically for locs. But I love love the products. Especially the spray. It makes my scalp feel great. It's not greasy at all and it small wonderful!!!! I will be ordering more ASAP.

hard to use

I love all the products thus far. But I had the hardest time trying to position the spray in the moisturizing mist.

Everything Butter

Everything butter is everything! It smells amazing and makes my hair feel soft and manageable


This product is EVERYTHING just like the name says. I use this as a moisturizer for my body from head to toe. My hair is loving it!

The best product

I enjoy using the products.they smell good.and feel good.

Good product

Ok i just start using the hair vitamins and i can see the texture of my hair is better no more breakage so its only been about two weeks so i will review back in a month the only thing i didnt lije was having to pay an additional 16.50 for shipping and handling in which i may not reorder that was just to much money. Thank you

Have tried just about all of them and plant based beat them all

I have a habit of trying the opposite of what’s popular and occasionally run into a miracle like these. There is not one review I’ve left for Hair Infinity, Mane Choice, Dherbs hair vitamins, Hair Essentials, etc. They were not bad, but were just helping the hair grow with restraint even if damage. People were raving about hair growing an inch when it does that naturally. There is nothing worse than people concocting
hair vitamins for hair to grow when the living body needs a plant based diet. We often don’t get that in living food,so it’s a miracle when you find a supplement that
supplies and complements the body in minerals and nutrients, which are lacking, not supplements that are natural, but derivatives from God knows where, that add to the toxin overload and hidden health problems many have. Makes no sense to have long hair with toxins instead of plant based that the body recognizes. These others broke me out, brought my hair out and I won’t say which one. Dherbs was
okay, but nothing compares to these, by Tailored Beauty. They are truly tailored for hair growth, but tailored to what the body needs and often lacks.I actually love it because it’s actually a multivitamin that grows hair. I’ve been taking them for about a year and my hair grows so quick, I actually cut split ends every month & am never concerned about it growing back. I use to not want to cut my hair even if it was damaged, because I would have to wait for it to grow. It grows quick anyway, but one particular side would take a shortcut and never stay on the route. I was not paid to or never rcvd any free, so trust me,If I pay and write a review ,it’s worth it. You can tell a lot about the owner of a product they produce. If they are health conscious,hair conscious, money conscious or consumer conscious I believe she is all and only money conscious because she should be compensated for it. She made it at a reasonable price and was more concerned about the health, than profit.She knows that you address the health and everything else on the body will thrive. Phenomenal and wise woman👌🏾💯🌱🌿🍃

my daughter's hair is so soft after using this product...

Smell and feel

The smell is really great and it’s not heavy at all I just started to use mines I like so far will give update in two weeks. :)

Love this

I use this on all 4 of my children and myself. It smells good and the consistency is thicker which in my opinion makes this last longer.

I use this in my sons hair he has very course hair and it softens it well I use it with the everything butter

Everything butter

Been using this product for a little over a week I love how it makes my hair so soft and moisturized without being to greasy.

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