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Tailored Beauty LOC Package
Brenda Washington
Great product

I purchased the loc package for my granddaughter who hair holds a lot of product. A small application is perfect for her hair and gives it the healthy protection needed for her. Smells amazing.

Ain't never felt like this😍😍😍😍

I really love this product 😍😍😍😍😍
I purchased this product like 4mths ago and I before I just gave a review I really wanted to use the product. So I brought the hair vitamins the 120 vitamin plan and the Golden Herbal kit, which consist of the leave in conditioner, mousse, curl cream and hair oil and deep conditioner.

I use the vitamis and my nails are growing but I notice if I don't take the vitamins my nails break. So yesterday I decided to do some twist and let me say this my hair have never looked like this or curly like this. This product is the 💣💥 I really actually love this product.

I have never felt like this about a product before so I can't believe it. I plan on buying more of this product. Thank you for creating something that really makes a difference with my hair. And try the shampoo and the conditioner but thank you so much.

Love it

Hello this my second time ordering from tailored beauty and I highly recommend everyone to use these products. My daughter hair so soft and growing like crazy and she’s only one . This will definitely remain my go to My favorite is the hair growth oil

Everything Butter

The everything butter is a rich creamy butter that works miracles for dry skin will be ordering again thank you.

Great Results!

I like others, have invested money in numerous hair products for my natural hair as well as my two granddaughters age 1.5 and 4. The four year old has very thin fine hair and it always dry, the 1.5 year old has thick curly hair and need lots of moisture. I came across your products on FaceBook and was leery at first, but after reading some review decided to try it. I have no regrets, I love all the product included in the Natural Hair Regimen Kit, especially the Everything Butter and Moisturizing Mist. I am definitely a fan of Tailored Beauty products. I hope to upload some photos with my future purchases.

Love love love

I love the products, the mist spray makes my hair feel so good and soft and the curly gel helps when I'm doing a two twist out. My curls are pretty good when I un twist them.

Tailored Beautifully

My hair is satisfied with this product. Thank you.

Moistured Mini Mane

For starters this product smells really good. I just started using it and my hair absorbs the product so well. This product combined with my moisturizer mist are hydration duos.

Everything Butter My favorite

I’ve been using the butter for months and I love it; it makes my hair soft and manageable. I am transitioning to natural. No chemicals for nearly a year. Thanks so much for such a good product

Tailored Beauty LOC Package
Love Love Love......

My go to for hair products.....the only products I use on my hair or kids hair(unless at the salon)
My boys love the moisturizing mist, I personally love the everything butter. I use it for our hair but for our skin as well. Ooh it does wonders for those boo boos my kids be getting. Helps with the scaring FAST!!! The only natural products I recommend to my family & friends....

Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum
Chantel Williams
Hair and Scalp comfort

I absolutely love this (and all) products. I especially enjoy how this product penetrates in my hair and scalp giving it that overall clean/smooth feel. This is so amazing to have in place while I have braids. I am able to really tackle my scalp with each individual part.

My favorite

Been using this for years— on my entire body— i tell all my friends about it all the time- I even let them sample mines- when i use on my natural hair i use it last to lock in moisture

Shampoo and conditioner

I have been using this product for a year or more now. I love the smell and my hair feels so clean when I am done. It doesn’t take much and it last a good while. I highly recommend this product.

Everything Butter

Myself and my 9 year old granddaughter can't stop raving about this product. We love the smell, the shine it leaves on her hair, and how moisturized her hair is now. I will definitely be ordering more products soon. I am a very satisfied customer.

Deep Conditioner Treatment

I love love love the way it leaves my 9year old granddaughter's hair so soft and manageable.😍😍

Coconut Shampoo

My 9 year old granddaughter loves the smell. I love the low subsing of the product and how it cleans her hair so thoroughly.😁

Just what I thought

This is hands down the best hair care products I tried in while . The moisture and the thickness of the products are so good I was surprised. The sent is so beautiful and kind of relaxing lol . I am most definitely going to repurchase and repurchase again and trying out all the other products THANK YOU

🪔 oil is my favorite 🙂

Awesome 👍 product

Butter is good

Great 😊

Curling cream antidote

Excellent 👌

Hair Vitamin

Going on my third bottle and I really do love these vitamins. My hair is getting its thickness back!!

Thank you!

The only one!

I does what it says it does ! It detox and clarifying. Thanks for this!

Hair Vitamins

Love These Vitamins. I’m Seeing Results Just After 2 Weeks! My Hair Is Much Thicker & Longer! Tailored Beauty For The Win!

Love at first use

My cousin recommended Tailored Beauty because I was trying her how I’m having a hard time with my son’s hair. She recommended trying the shampoo, conditioner, everything butter & glow oil. I purchased it and fell in love. His hair is so soft and manageable. Very easy to comb! I’m now using on my hair so I ordered extra! Definitely highly recommend!

Loved it

It works awsome on my. 9 year old and 2 year daughters hair my oldest daughter hair is like afro but when wet it's cool my youngest is just curly and all products worked great just looking for the shampoo for their hair

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