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Underrated Natural Hair Products for Hair Growth


 Today, we're diving into a topic that everyone loves to research, read about, and even learn about: natural hair growth. While we all love a good hair day, achieving our length hair goals can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Fear not! We've got your back with four underrated natural hair products that can work wonders for promoting growth. These products aid in nourishing your scalp and hair so that your hair will grow faster. Get ready to say hello to healthier, happier hair!


1. Shampoo Bar: First up on our list is the Tailored Beauty Clay Detox Shampoo Bar
While traditional liquid shampoos have their perks, shampoo bars offer the same benefits just formulated into a bar of soap. Our Tailored Beauty Clay Detox Shampoo Bar is formulated with bentonite clay and shikakai powder which are minerals that withdraw toxins, dirt, and excess oil from the scalp and hair. In addition, it contains blackseed oil that aids in reducing inflammation of the scalp which will reduce flakes and increase hair growth. 

When it comes to using a shampoo bar, less is more. Simply wet your hair, lather up the bar between your hands, and massage the rich foam into your scalp. You can also massage the bar directly into your scalp then follow up with a scalp massager to spread the products around. After, rinse thoroughly, and voila – clean, refreshed locks that are primed for growth!


2. Edge Control: Next up on our list is the Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control
While it may seem like a simple styling product, a good edge control can work wonders for protecting your edges and promoting growth along your hairline. Our Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control is formulated with Jamaican black castor oil and glycerin. JBCO is rich in ricinocleic acid which is an omega 9 fatty acid that aids in neutralizing the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Glycerin is a humectant that hydrates the hair shaft which will regulate sebum production and encourage a healthy scalp environment for growth. So while you are laying your edges, they are being nourished with essential nutrients to promote growth.

To use edge control effectively, start with clean, damp hair, then apply a small amount along your edges using your fingertips or a soft-bristled brush. Smooth and style as desired, and enjoy sleek, healthy edges that are on the path to growth.


3. Hair Butters: Next, let's talk about the Tailored Beauty Everything Hair Butters.
While creams and gels have their place in our styling routines, hair butters offer a unique blend of moisture and nourishment that can support healthy growth. Look for butters infused with ingredients like shea butter like our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter to lock in moisture, tame frizz, and promote overall hair health.

To use hair butter, simply warm a small amount between your palms, then apply it evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the ends and any areas prone to dryness. The butter can be used as the "C" in the LOC Method or as a sealant when moisturizing your hair. Then, style as desired, and revel in soft, manageable hair that's ready to flourish.


4. Growth Oils: Last but certainly not least, let's talk about our Tailored Beauty Growth Thick Oil. The oil is formulated with a blend of oils such as Castor, Sesame Seed, Avocado, Apricot, Rosemary and Vitamin E Oil. All of these oils are packed with essential nutrients that will penetrate the scalp to stimulate hair growth. In addition, the vitamin e oil is a powerful antioxidant that will soothe an inflamed scalp and aids in fighting fungi that causes irritation and itching of the scalp. 

To reap the benefits of growth oils, try incorporating them into your weekly scalp massages. Gently warm the oil between your palms, then massage it into your scalp using circular motions. Not only will this promote blood circulation, but it'll also help the oil penetrate deeply into your follicles for maximum growth potential.


And there you have it – four underrated natural hair products that are sure to take your growth game to the next level. From shampoo bars to hair butters, each of these products offers its own unique benefits for promoting healthy, thriving curls. So why wait? Give them a try and let your hair journey begin! Remember, consistency is key, so stick with your routine and watch those strands flourish. Here's to happy, healthy hair – you've got this!


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