In 2011 Keya James, the founder of Tailored Beauty went natural. After doing research on healthy hair care practices, and starting her “hair journey” she made the decision to avoid relaxers. She wanted to focus on retaining her length, so she used numerous products to keep her hair healthy & moisturized. She noticed that there were lots of products on the market, but the commercial products would contain lots of artificial ingredients causing her to question just how suitable it would for her “hair journey.”

In 2012 she started to make her own whipped Shea butter, which is now known as Everything Butter. She documented this entire journey through her YouTube account under the name Inez Moore. It took some time to perfect the ingredients, but once she did she began giving it to all of her friends and family to try out.
Everyone loved the product, later that year she became pregnant with her first child Summer James. She used Everything Butter on her stomach throughout her entire pregnancy; it resulted in no stretch marks! July 2013 Summer was born; by this time Keya knew how important it was to use ALL NATURAL products on her and her daughter’s hair. She only felt comfortable using the products that she made on Summer’s hair. Her videos on YouTube showed her audience just how effective the products were for her and her daughter’s hair. It created a demand for the products; her subscribers were persistent in requesting batches of the Everything Butter.

Late 2016 Keya along with her husband Aaron James started Tailored Beauty. Both Keya and Aaron hold degrees in Business from Virginia State University and Old Dominion University respectively. The success has come fast, and the business is on a steady climb. They’re both excited about the future of Tailored Beauty.