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What You Should Know: Hydration Vs Moisture


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Hydration vs Moisture are used interchangeable within the natural hair community. We use them when we need to apply as well as seal. As well as, products have us confused as some say they are moisturizing or hydrating. However, the consistency of the product is different. So what is the real difference?

Hydration is the process of applying water (or fluids) to your tresses. 

Moisture is the presence or retaining of water in your hair strand.

The only common between the two terms is water. 
Water is the best form of hydration for our hair. As well as it is the liquid that is retained in our hair the longest. 

So if you are hydrating your hair, you are applying water or a water-based product into your hair. for example, you can use a spray bottle full of water. As well as, rose water or aloe vera juice. all of these products have "water" as the first ingredient. Therefore, water is what is being applied to the tresses to hydrate your curls. In addition, you will know that your curls are hydrated as soon as the product is applied. Does it start to curl up? Are your curls popping? Does it shrink? If yes to all of these questions, then this is a hydration product. And more importantly, your curls are being filled  or penetrated with moisture.

And if you are moisturizing, you are retaining the "hydration" that you added into your hair.  Water is important to the health of our hair. So once we apply it, we need to ensure that it is locked in for days. This will keep our curls hydrated for a long period which is usually throughout the life of the style. So "moisturizers" aid in preventing the loss of "water". Moisturizing products are rich in creams, butters and oils. These aid in coating the hair shaft to keep the cuticles closed so no form of hydration can escape.

So when you go shopping for  a moisturizing or hydrating product, ensure to look at the ingredients before shopping. The first couple of ingredients will let you know how the product will react to your hair. if it is water, it will hydrate. if it is butter, it will seal in the hydration.

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If you have been using the terms wrong don't be bummed out about it. This natural hair journey is a learning one for you, me, manufacturers and so much other stakeholders. as long as you are continually learning how to make your hair thrive.

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