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Why You Should Be Using Oils And Butters In Your Natural Hair Regimen

There has been a trend within the natural hair community where naturals are removing the use of natural oils and butters from their hair regimen. Why? Natural oils and butters have been getting a bad rep as they are being deemed as "not hydrating", "leaving your curls feeling dry", "makes it harder to style", and so much more. So naturals are removing it and styling their hair with "gels" right after wash day without hydrating.




Here's why you should be using oils and butters:


1. You are mistaking oils and butters as HYDRATORS:

Oils and Butters are not hydrating ingredients. The only hydrating ingredient is W-A-T-E-R. Nothing else will cause your curls to become hydrated unless it is h20. And as such, the LOC method starts with L, which is LIQUID. 

Our hair is dry as the sebum produced on our scalp doesn't travel to the end of our hair shaft. The sebum contains all of the nutrients needed to nourish our hair (including water). So because our hair doesn't get the hydration it needs, we do it ourselves manually using the LOC/LCO method with our Tailored Beauty LOC Package.


2. Butters and oils are needed to RETAIN HYDRATION:

After hydrating your curls, you need to RETAIN the hydration which si where oils and butters come into play. They are used as sealants within your natural hair regimen. 

Oil and water do not mix so it will trap the h20 molecule on the strand. Therefore, making it difficult to escape so you don't lose hydration quickly. As well as, butters will coat the hair strand and keep it closed. Similarly, to keep the hydration from leaving your hair strand. After sealing, your hair will stay hydrated for longer periods. And as such, your hair will not become frizzy on day 1 when you unravel your twists.

Recommended product: Tailored Beauty LOC Package.


3. It's not working because you are using too much or too little.

Depending on the type of porosity hair you have, the amount  of oils and butter that you use will differ from another natural. If you have high porosity hair, then heavy butter and oils are needed. However, if you have low porosity hair you do not need heavy butter and oils as they will weigh down your curls. 

Also, your hair will only take what it needs from what you applied to it. Your hair will take as much as it needs and leaves the excess sitting on the hair shaft which will cause our curls to become bogged down. Also, it will take all of what you applied, but needs more so hydration will escape. 
It's good to get to know your hair porosity so that you're better able to take care of your curls. You will be able to have a clear direction on the amount of product (including oils and butters) that your hair should use on a daily basis. 


4. You need to use products formulated with butter and oils

Your hair may absorb oils and butters better if it is a formulated product. Why? Because the molecules of oils and butters can be too big to be absorbed into the hair shaft. By using formulated products, the oils and butters are broken down into the product which makes it easier for your hair to be transformed.

We use a lot of products such as rinse-out and deep conditioners that do contain oils and butters. And they work perfectly fine with our curls. In addition, we style with these products when we use curling creams to create textured twist/braid out or wash and go. So is it oils and butters that do not work?


Before we hop into different natural hair trends, we should do thorough research. This allows us to have a better understanding of how natural hair care works. As well as, steps we can take to make caring for our natural hair easier.

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