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What To Pick Up At Walmart For Your Natural Hair Journey




So, if you’re starting your natural hair journey or restarting it, your inundated with a lot of information. The information is coming from all sources of social medias about products, techniques, styles and so much. As well as the science behind all of it. So, you’re stuck and were here to collate all the info.

In this we give you the 5 products to walk to your favorite Walmart store and pickup for your natural hair journey

Infused with coconut oil which cleanses and strengthens hair without leaving it feeling stripped. Formulated with aloe vera juice that moisturizes and restores hair's natural pH. Our coconut crème shampoo is derived from natural sources and never contains parabens or sulfates.



Deep Conditioning is a very important step in your hair journey as you cannot skip under no circumstances. Every time you cleanse your hair you should deep condition right after.


You can pick up the Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment. This conditioner is made with ayurvedic herbs that your hair needs, especially in the beginning. Your hair needs a barrage of nutrients to get your hair into the healthy state by growing your hair, curl definition as well as length retention.



Hydration and Moisture are going to the most used and important keywords in your natural hair journey. Why? because that’s what your hair needs to thrive during every season. So, to get started you need to get a leave in conditioner that you can use on wash days. After cleansing and deep conditioning, it’s time to hydrate with the Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-in Conditioner Treatment.

Our Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment contains a premium herbal blend of Gotu Kola Extract and Neem Oil to restore moisture and awaken hair. This leave-in treatment strengthens strands, keeps hair manageable, and makes detangling a breeze.

Next, you need a styler for your hair.
Whether you want to do a twist out, braid out, wash and go’s you have a styler that holds the definition, while maintaining shine and nourish.

The best styler is the Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly.
It is one the best styler as your hair will receive definition without the crunch or flakes that we hate. It contains botanical ingredients that will hydrate and keep your kinks/curls/coils moisturized in your chosen hairstyle. A little goes a long way so no need to overburden your hair with the product.


All the Tailored Beauty products are formulated to work well together. So, need to worry about having flakes. Once your purchase, share and tag us on Instagram so we can see.

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