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Top 5 Hair Styles For Thriving Hair This Summer

Wash N Go

Let's admit,  we love a good wash n go! For your summer wash n go you can use the Tailored BeautyStyling Kit. It contains a curling jelly for your hair strands, the perfect edge control and Moisturising Mist. You would hydrate using the Moisturizing Mist. You would spritz each section and use the praying hands' method to work the product in. This will ensure that your curls stay hydrated throughout the life of the style. Next, apply the Perfect Coils Curling Jelly to each section. Then, finger coil each strand. Finger coiling will keep the curls intact for the week. Lastly, slay those baby hairs with the Jamaican black castor oil edge control. We all want sleek hair and the edge control will allow us to achieve that.


Knotless Braids

CEO- KeyaJames

Knotless Braids are trending within the hair community now. And two products that you can use to maintain your natural hair and braids which you wear them is the Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Edge Control and Grow Thick Oil. Firstly, the edge control will keep your baby hair slew throughout the life of the style. It is very lightweight and will not flake or cause build-up on your scalp. Also, it contains Jamaican Black Castor Oil which has strengthening and growth properties to keep your baby hairs healthy. Next, is the Grow Thick Oil. This is a lightweight mixture that can be applied to your scalp and massaged in daily to promote hair growth. In addition, you can add it to the length of the braids to keep them shiny.


 High Puff


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For the days when we do not feel like combing our hair, puff it up! While our hair is out in the heat we need to ensure that it is hydrated while the sun is beating down on it. The Moisturizing Mist is packed with humectants that will take moisture from the air and put it into our hair. As well as, it is great at refreshing your hair to keep your curls on fleek. Just spritz and go.


 Passion Twist

Model AshJustine

Another protective style for the summer that you can wear is passion twists. And you can use our Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner to prep this long-term  style. After washing, you would apply a dime-size amount and work it into your hair . TIt is made with a variety of Ayuvedic Herbs that will keep your hair moisturized. Also, it will prevent breakage and keep your hair looking lustrous while underneath the braids. Each of the ingredients has been proven o nourish your hair for the long run.



Model Youlovesonataa

And last but not least, is the summer ponytail. You cannot go throughout the summer and not wear a ponytail whether you're rocking a phony pony or your natural hair! After placing your hair into a ponytail, you would apply the Tailored Beauty Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum along the length of the ponytail. The hair serum contains a variety of oils but it very lightweight. The main ingredients are hemp seed oil and neem oil. Both have ayurvedic properties which are known to rejuvenate your hair strands and hair follicles. Also, it will stimulate growth, enhance the natural shine of your curls and improve your hair’s elasticity.


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