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How To Maximize Hair Growth In The Spring


Our hair grows faster during the warmer months than the colder months. 
The colder months are harsher on our hair because the cold air is taking away the moisture that we worked so hard to apply. This results in our hair strands and scalp being dry majority of the times. If our hair is in a dry state all of the hair that we grow will break off. IN addition, if our scalp is dry it isn't in a position to produce new hair growth. So in the warmer months, our hair is in a better state. Moisture is being taken from the environment and placed into our hair and scalp.

Our hair has a better chance of thriving especially where hair growth is concerned. So during these times, we should try to maximize our hair's growth. We're able to grow our hair faster, retain the length as well as keep it hydrated.

Here is what you'll need to do:

Take Vitamins: Our diet is so important for the health of hair. However, our body may need more to provide the excess to our scalp. Or, we may just not be consuming from all of the food groups to properly provide our scalp with the nutrients. So we recommend taking vitamins during this season. Vitamins will have an influx of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you body, nails, skin and hair will love!

You can purchase our Tailored Beauty Hair Vitamins. Firstly, it is plant based so it' is great for everyone with or without dietary restrictions. It is specifically formulated with herbal blend of fenugreek, rosemary, sage, aloe vera and horsetail. All of which are rich in vitamins C, B, D, E. As well as, minerals such a Thiamine, Niacin, Folate, Pantothenic, calcium, Copper and Iodine. All of which is able to give our hair exactly what it needs to growth faster during the warmer season. 

Massage Your Scalp With Oil: While your hair is growing, and growing, you can make it grow faster. Scalp massage's promote faster blood circulation as the circular motion allows the scalp tor receive the nutrients quicker. Also, the user of oil allows your hair to be absorbing the minerals and vitamins needed to rejuvenate your hair follicles. Your scalp and follicles will be able to receive a constant supply of nutrients for it produce more growth. As well as, it allows the follicles to be repair, sebum to be produced and reduce the formation of scalp issues.

Our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil is perfect. It contains Castor, Sesame Seed, Avocado, Apricot, Vitamin E, and Rosemary Oil. All of which are great for scalp health as they stimulate hair growth, treat fungal problems, restore the scalp's ph, fights inflammation, and rejuvenates the hair follicles. It is a lightweight oil that can be used daily on the scalp for massages. I

Install A Protective Style: Lastly, give your hair a break by rocking a protective style. You can do some really cute protective styles that will change up your look while maintaining the health of your hair. Your protective style doesn't have to involve you sitting at the salon for 5 hours to get your braids done. You can do loose twists/braids, cornrows, or even a bun.  Protective styles allow us to hold unto the hair that is growing for our scalp aka retention. When protective styling don't forget that you need to HYDRATE your hair before installation or taking a couple of weeks off from styling.

So you have to ensure that your hair is fully hydrated using our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment. Our leave-in contains a premium herbal blend of Gotu Kola Extract and Neem Oil. This mixture will restore hydration into your curls to make them pop. IN addition, it strengthens your hair strand to make it easier to detangle and style prior to your protective style. 

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