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The Science of Natural Hair: Breaking Down Hair Porosity

We're delving into a crucial aspect that often goes overlooked – hair porosity. Understanding your hair's porosity can be a game-changer in your hair care routine, aiding in the selection of products that cater specifically to your hair's unique needs.

What is Hair Porosity?
Hair porosity refers to the hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. It is determined by the condition of the hair's cuticle layer – the outermost layer of each hair strand.

There are three main porosity levels:

  • low,
  • normal, and
  • high.

Low Porosity:
Hair with low porosity has a tightly closed cuticle layer, making it resistant to moisture absorption. While this may seem like a good thing, it can also mean that products tend to sit on the hair rather than being absorbed, potentially leading to product buildup.

Normal Porosity:
Hair with normal porosity has a balanced cuticle layer, allowing it to absorb and retain moisture effectively. This porosity level often indicates healthy, well-maintained hair.

High Porosity:
High porosity hair has a more open cuticle layer, making it highly absorbent but challenging to retain moisture. This hair type is more prone to frizz, tangling, and damage.

Determining Your Hair Porosity:
To understand your hair's porosity, you can conduct a simple test. Take a clean strand of hair and drop it into a bowl of water.

  • If it floats, your hair has low porosity;
  • if it sinks slowly, you have normal porosity; and i
  • f it sinks quickly, your hair has high porosity.

How Porosity Affects Product Choice:

  1. Low Porosity Hair:

  2. High Porosity Hair:

    • Choose rich, moisturizing products with ingredients like shea butter and oils.
    • Seal in moisture with leave-in conditioners and oils to minimize water absorption.

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  3. Normal Porosity Hair:

    • Enjoy a wide range of products, but focus on maintaining a balance to prevent product buildup.
    • Regular deep conditioning is essential to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

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Understanding your hair's porosity is a key step in crafting an effective and personalized natural hair care routine. By tailoring your product choices to your hair's specific needs, you can enhance moisture retention, minimize frizz, and promote overall hair health. So, embrace the science behind natural hair – your curls will thank you!

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