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6 Proven Habits To Achieve Healthy Natural Hair

The ultimate goal of our hair should be to have healthy hair. Healthy hair isn't going to come overnight (unfortunately). We have to take action by doing steps within our hair regimen to get us to the goal. These steps have to be consistently on our good and bad days. Then, you'll start to see changes in the health of your hair as it is longer, stronger, moisturised, bouncy and shiny!

Here are 6 Proven habits To Achieve Healthy Hair:


1. Research Ingredient Listing:-
Some of us when we began our natural hair journey, didn't know what we were putting into our hair. Our friend or co-worker would recommend a product so we would just buy it. And when it didn't work, we just assumed that we made a mistake going natural. If you are guilty of that now, you should be reading your product label.

Not only will you read the product description and directions, but you will also be reading the ingredient list. This list shows you all the ingredients which we may know, never heard of or sometimes can't pronounce. From this, you're able to research these ingredients. We're not saying to research all 10 or 20 ingredients, but the top 5. Most of the products will contain the first 5 to 7 ingredients as ingredients are listed based on their concentration.

For example, if the product's name contains lavender oil but it's the last ingredient on the list, don't use it. This means that the product has little to no lavender in there for your hair.

2. Use Products From The Same Brand:
Products will work better together once they are from the same product line. Why? These products are created to work together for the betterment of our hair strands. For example, you are doing the LOC Method using the Liquid from brand A, the oil from Brand B and the butter from Brand c. Then, in 2 days your curls start to feel extremely dry than what you're used to. It's not that the LOC Method doesn't work for your natural at all. You would have to change the inputs that you were using to see the true results.

If you're doing a full day wash day routine, it's best to use the products from the Tailored Beauty Line to see the complete benefit for your natural hair. 





2. Use Products with Organic Ingredients:
There are a lot of chemicals being manufactured to mimic the properties of organic ingredients. However, they cause more harm than good for our hair. Our hair can start to feel dry, lacklustre, breaks, and become tangled. it's best to use the original organic ingredients that will nourish your hair strand from the inside out. 

So the next time you go to Walmart, you can take up any Tailored Beauty Product and you will see the organic ingredients that make up our product. We pride ourselves on using these ingredients for you to achieve healthy hair.

4. Take Vitamins
Our body doesn't receive all of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the foods we consume daily. Some meals may lack certain vitamins or we don't eat enough due to our lifestyle or we're not able to access certain vitamins. Due to this our scalp doesn't receive what it needs as it is the last part of our body that receives nutrients. So one of the options is to take hair vitamins.

You can take our Tailored Beauty Hair Vitamins. Our hair vitamins are plant-based and specially formulated with premium herbal ingredients. this will stimulate hair growth and be the jumpstart in achieving healthy hair. 



5. Having A Regimen/Structure
If you do not have a plan, how do you know what to do? When it comes to achieving your goals of healthy hair, you will need a regimen/structure to follow. A regimen is a guide as to what to do when you have wash days, installing a protective style, or for protein treatments. As well as, what to do when you're experiencing severe breakage, dryness or tangles. Once you have a regimen in place, you're able to know what to do all the time for your natural hair.


6. Massaging Your Scalp With Oils
If you want your hair to grow faster, massage your scalp using oils. Massaging your scalp helps to promote blood circulation to the scalp so that your follicles can absorb all of the nutrients that it needs. Using oils amplifies how much nutrients the scalp can absorb. The more nutrients the better, as our scalp will absorb it all. Nutrients help to neutralise the scalps PH balance so that it functions at its optimum condition. If you are consistent, you will see hair growth within a 7 to 14 day period. Not only will your hair grow, but it grows stronger and healthier. 

 You can massage your scalp using our Tailored Beauty grow Thick Oil. Add a few drops of the oils to the pads of your fingers. Then, start massaging in circular motions every day. It is a lightweight oil that will nourish the scalp as it contains 6 oils that your scalp will thank you for later.



If you employ all of these steps, it will transform the health of your hair. It may not be overnight as you have to discipline and consistent. Which habit will you be adding to your natural hair regimen?

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