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Products Needed To Refresh Your Natural Hairstyles

Depending on your lifestyle, caring for your natural hair may take a back burner.
You could have to care for your child, a week full of zoom meetings or your weekend consists of running errands only. So you may not have time to do your usual wash day routine. When that fails, just refresh your old hairstyle.

Whether you are rocking a twist out, you can stretch it a little longer.
Or, your frizzy flexi rod set out can be thrown up into a cute pineapple.
As well as, just do some big plaits/braids and wear a wig.

Regardless, you can still keep your hair looking refreshed always.

Here are 3 products needed to Refresh Your Natural Hair Styles:

1.  Edge Controls - Edge controls are so important in our natural hair routine. A sleek edge with the s or c curls usually takes your hair style up a notch. So using them for failed hair days as well as stretched hairstyles, will have your hair looking like you just washed and styled it. You can sleek your into a ponytail or bun from old or failed hairstyles. As well as, sleek your edges back to continue rocking your 7 day old wash and go/twist out. 

Using our Tailored Beauty Control your hair will receive the sleek and hold that you're looking for. As well as, it contains Jamaican black castor oil, aloe vera, and fenugreek that will maintain the health of your edges and hair.

2. Moisturizers - Moisturizer's will gift your hair the lift it needs as it is used to rehydrate your hair strands. Your hair tends to get dry by day 5 of wearing a particular style. However, if you don't have the time to do a full wash day routine, just use a moisturizer. It contains a blend of water and butters/creams which will hydrate and seal in the moisture as needed. Moisturizers are needed to keep your hair moisturized while you stretch your hairstyle for a couple of more days. For example, you want to put your hair into a bun for the next week. Or, you want to do chunky braids so you can rock your favorite wig for a couple of days.

You can use our Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist to hydrate and seal with our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter. Or, use our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Treatment. All of which contains herbal ingredients that will replenish your hairstyle so that it's easier to restyle or manager.

3. Stylers - Stylers are needed to if you want to maintain your curl pattern. For example, if you are rocking an old/frizzy wash go, you can use the stylers to reduce the frizz on some of your hair strands so it can become coily/curly again. The trick is to just to spritz your hair a little so it becomes damp. Then, just go through for 20 minutes and finger coil the limp curls.

Both of our Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mizt and Tailored Beauty Coils Curling Jelly is perfect combination for this. Your hair will receive the hydration needed to allow your coils to curl up. As well as, maintaining the hold of your hairstyle just for a couple of more days.

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