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Although braid outs give a superb definition, they aren’t a common style to do.
Why? Well, we naturalistas tend to shy away from it because it never comes out “right”. The curls may become frizzy because of poor product choice, braiding technique and overall care for maintaining your hair.

Here are 9 tips to get a defined braid-out:

1. Start on Freshly Washed Hair -
For any new hairstyle, most of the time you want to start on freshly cleansed hair. This gives you a fresh start to your hair for the week ahead.
In addition, it allows the product to be better absorbed into the hair strands to be able to moisturize and/or style efficiently.

Recommended Cleanser: Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo

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2. Ensure Your Hair Is Detangled -
No one likes combing their hair and every time you place your hands in your hair, it gets stuck. Imagine doing a braid out and you have to keep pausing to braid, to remove all the tangles. Not only will this get you frustrated, but it will increase the time spent on the style. Hence, we recommend deep conditioning your hair to soften it prior to detangling. 

Recommended Deep Conditioner: Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner

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3. Moisturize -
As for style you want to ensure that your hair is properly moisturized. Whether you use the LOC method or a regular moisturizer, it needs to be effective. Therefore, the nutrients should be able to penetrate the innermost part of the hair’s cuticle layer.

Recommend LOC Product: Tailored Beauty Loc Package Kit


4. Section Your Hair: -
Next, section your hair for the results. Therefore, part your hair the way you want your braids to fall. Do you want on your best side – left/right? Or, do you want a middle part so that the curls are evenly distributed on either side?

5. Choose A Good Styling Agent -
Your choice of styler may just make or break the braid-out results. Gels are the best as they are stickier and highlights the good and not so good curls. In addition, it makes the curls more pliable to form into the pattern of the braid-out. As well as, question thoroughly the ingredients there in your gels. Some ingredients are harmful while others do not so ensure that you are choosing an all-natural/organic product.

Recommended Product: Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly



6. Smooth Product Through -
Next, smooth the product through using your tools. You can use a comb, brush or even your fingers (praying hands’ method). It will smooth the product through so that every strand from root to tip is covered with the gel. Therefore, making every section of the strand pliable for manipulation.

7. Braiding Technique –
And most importantly is your braiding technique. If you want an extremely defined braid out, you must braid your hair tightly. Once your hair is evenly split into 3, you would place each braid on top of each starting from the outermost braids at first. As you wrap, ensure to pull each mini part tightly to hook and secure the previous mini part into place. In addition, after you’ve secured the braid in place ensure to smooth that the remainder of the hair to be plait. Smoothing prevents and reduces flyaways and frizz that are harbouring the defined result.

8. Perm Rods the End
Unfortunately, our natural hair grows uneven. Hence, we cut to reshape our curls ever so often. In addition, our ends are the oldest part of our hair strands, so they lack definition, moisture and sheen. In order to hide all of this, perm rods the ends. As the braid taper down add a fine layer of gel or mousse and wrap it around the perm rods. It will hide your unevenness and lacklustre curls and add “oomph” to your style.

9. Let It Dry
And then you let your hair dry. Depending on your hair’s texture, porosity and volume, the drying time varies from individual to individual to individual. We recommend waiting at least 24 hours or more to determine that they are dry before they decide to take out these “Felisha Braids”.

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