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Cream Stylers vs Gel Stylers


 We recently got a comment on one of our Instagram photos about the difference between using our cream and gel stylers. This is a common question that is asked by many of the TB buyers. And, also the natural hair community in large. We can understand why as both are classified as “Stylers”. However, the base of the stylers being cream or gels gives us different results. It depends on how you want your hair to look. Also, both stylers use different ingredients and have other additional benefits. So, it depends on how you want your hair to look and feel after using whichever styler.




 CREAM Styler

Cream stylers are perfect for a textured hairstyle. They are made with shea butter which is known to give you a “fluffier” result. Hence, if that’s what you want, then this is a perfect choice. Depending on your hair type and pattern, the hold will range between low to medium. Also, although it gives you the “fluffy” look, your hair strands will still be nourished.

Recommended Product

 Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Cream
Our cream contains Gotu Kola Extract and Neem Oil. Both oils are among the group of ayurvedic oils as they are native to Asia and rich in medicinal benefits. They nourish the scalp with minerals needed for it to function optimally. Therefore, they will penetrate the scalp follicles with to stop unnatural shedding and encourage faster hair growth.


 Recommended Hairstyles:

  1. Twist-out
  2. Braid-out
  3. Bantu-knots
  4. Flat Twist-out
  5. Perm Rod Set
  6. Flexi Rod Set
  7. Three Strand Twist-out


GEL Stylers

                                                                             Instagram- adriennealyse

More buyers are more drawn to gel styles because it gives them more definition. As the name “gel” suggests, these stylers are usually sticky once it encounters your hands or hair. So, it will keep the curls clumped together.  Once the curls clump, the hold is even greater. You will get more defined results as the curls start to pop once the gel is applied. Also, if it is set in a hairstyle, it is more likely to stay in that style for a long time. So, for more definition and results that can last 5 days or longer, gel styles are for you.


Recommended Product: Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Coiling Jelly


 Our gel styler is great for the recommended styles below.

 It gives your hair long-lasting hold and definition. Unlike other gel styles, it keeps the moisture in the hair strands with all the botanical ingredients. It contains honey, Jamaican Black castor oil, rosemary and horsetail extract. All of which are known to moisturize, enhance curl definition, strengthen your hair, and add shine to your tresses.


 Recommended Hairstyles:

  1. Wash N Gos,
  2. Twist-out,
  3. Braid-outs,
  4. Flexi-rod Set,
  5. Perm Rod Set,
  6. Bantu-Knot Out,
  7. Three-strand Twist-out and Finger Coils.

 Whichever styler you choose, one thing you are guaranteed with our products is nourishments. They are rich in natural ingredients that will keep your curls hydrated. As well as, strengthened, curly and shiny always.

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