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5 Reasons Your Wash and Gos Keep Failing

We all love a good wash and go.
However, some fo us struggle a lot with getting our wash and go to perfection.
It keeps failing which is very discouraging to us so we just assume that 'wash and gos don't work for us'. That is not true. You just aren't doing it right.

Here are 5 Reasons Your Wash and Gos Keep Failing

1] Not Starting On Damp Hair
You have to start on damp hair always. 
Once your hair is damp, it starts to absorb the water molecules and becomes kinky/coily/curly. So you're able to see your true curl pattern. Also, once your hair damp, it's easier for your styler to be applied to your hair as your hair is in a soft and tangle free state. As well as, your styler is able to penetrate the hair strands easier once it is already damp.

So before you apply your product ensure that your hair is drenched with water!

2] Not Using A Defined Styler
Next, you have to consider the styler that you are using. Does it provide definition, hold, shine and moisture? You need all of these for your wash and go. The styler aids in defining the curls as well as providing the hold so that it stays defied for a couple of days. Also, your styler should provide shine and moisture. You do not want your curls to be defined but dry and crusty.

Our Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly is perfect for your curls.
It will spoil your curls with it's botanical ingredients. It contains horsetail extract, rosemary, Jamaican black castor oil and honey that will enhance the natural definition of your curls. As well as, provide hold and shine without leaving your hair looking dry, duty and crusty.




3] Apply in 4 to 6 sections
Depending on how thick and curly your hair is. If your hair is thick, then you want to do as much sections as possible to the gel easily spreads to each hair strand. As well as, this ensure that no kink/coil/curl gets left behind as it needs to be defined. Sections make it easier to apply the product so your results are perfect.

4] Sealing With An Oil
After you have defined all of your curls with your styler, it's time to seal it all in.
Yes the styler is a sealant but you want an extra layer that will keep the moisture locked in. IN addition, it aids in letting your curls glow from the inside out. And more importantly, it makes your wash and go dry quicker as you're not  walking around with dripping wet hair.

Our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil is what you should be using. It is  perfect as it is a light weight oil that will not weigh down your wash and go curls. It contains a list of nourishing oils that will keep your hair in tip top condition. Similarly to the way you apply your styler in section, you can do the same for the oil. To save you time, after you apply the gel and define to each section, follow up with a layer of our oil.

5] Drying Your Hair
If you don't dry your curls it will cause frizzy twists and roots. As well as, the next day your curls are looking like a poof ball. So all of your time doing your wash and go has gone to waste. Ensure that  your wash and go is at least 99% dry.

It may be impossible to et your 100% dry in a couple of hours without using a blow dryer. Some of us are against using a blow dryer because of the heat on the hair. However, your curls are layered with product which acts as a barrier against harm. In addition, you can use your blow dryer on cool air. You can do half drying with a blow dryer then the other half of air drying. It provides a great combination to ensure that your hair is dry so the definition is locked into place.


Wash and gos suit every hair type whether you have 4a, 4b or 4c. It isn't reserved for one particular hair type. You just have to know what to do to keep your kinks and coils defined for days. 

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