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3 Easy Ways To Trim Your Natural Hair

Trimming your natural hair should be one of the steps in your natural hair journey that you look forward too. You'll be getting rid of all the dead, scrawny, split, straggly, and broken ends. So say goodbye to poor hairstyle results because your ends don't curl up like it used to. Or, your hair is no longer hard to detangle because of your knotty ends. It will leave your ends knot and tangle-free which will make combing, and styling your natural hair much easier.

Rule of thumb when cutting your natural hair is to do it when the product is in it. Cutting it with product in it allows the week areas of your hair strands to be identified. And as such, you can cut off the length that you want to shape your hair into the results that you want.

So here are 3 easy ways to trim your natural hair WITH:

1. DEEP Conditioner - 
Trim your natural hair once the deep conditioner is applied to your tresses.
The best way is to split your hair evenly into 4 or 6 sections. Then, apply a good enough of the deep conditioner to each respective section. Once the curls start forming, then you know you are doing the correct thing. Next, put on your steam/deep conditioning/plastic cap to allow the heat to steam your tresses. After about 30 to 60 minutes, remove the cap and you will be left with oily, curly, or kinky results.  
Then, you look at the ends of each section. 


2. Conditioner -
The conditioner works similarly to the deep conditioner. It should be applied in the same manner, section by section. And once the curls start to appear, you know that it's time to cut it. One additional step that you can do Is to comb or brush out each section before cutting. This ensures that all of the tangles are removed. As well as, it aids in defining the curls just a little bit more. 
Then, you look at the ends of each section and start to cut. 





3. Styling Creams: Gel, Mousse or Butter/Cream
And finally, you can use styling products. Whether it is a gel, mousse, or cream/butter, it will work. These products aid in enhancing the natural curl pattern of your hair because the first ingredient is usually water. The water allows the curls to start forming. And then the holding ingredient in each product will allow the curls or pattern to stay in place for a long time. During this time, you can see the curls that need to be removed. 

For example, if you use your gel for your wash and gos after your hair dries, you're able to see the ends that are wispy, straggly adjust throwing off the whole wash and go results. Or, when twisting/braiding using your cream for your twist/braid out, you're able to see the decrease in thickness along your hair strand. The thickness is inconsistent throughout as the ends are thinner than the rest of your hair. 




Whichever product that you choose to use, you will be able to see the line of demarcation between the healthy part of the hair strand and the weak area. The weak area usually has the looser curls, straighter ends, or wispier ends. These are the signs that you should snip it off. You can snip all of it or just right above it.

Let us know in the comments what ways you cut your hair.

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