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Caring for Kids' Natural Hair: Tips for Parents


When it comes to caring for your child's natural hair, parents face their own challenges. These challenges can be not knowing how to care for their hair and/or their hair texture not being similar to yours. With the right tips and tricks,  taking care of your little ones hair can be a delightful journey. Here are tips to care for your kid's natural hair: 



1. Keep It Simple and Gentle

You don't need to do a million steps with million's of products. Children's hair is very delicate so it's better to keep their natural hair routine simple Not only simple, but gentle with their product choices and techniques. Using products free of harmful chemicals and formulated with organic ingredients will help their hair to reach an optimal healthy state. This will make it easy to manage and take care of their hair.

2. Know Their Hair Type

Understanding your child's hair type is key to effective care.
Kids' natural hair can range from curly, coily to kinky and/or a mixture of either. Once you're aware of their hair type, you're able to choose products that is right for their moisture levels. As well as, adjust their hair routine to cater to specific needs such as length retention.




3. Regular Washing Schedule

Establish a regular washing schedule that suits your child's hair type and lifestyle. Some kids may need weekly washes, while others can go longer between washes. Typically if they have in a protective style, you can go 2 to 4 weeks without washing their hair. On wash days, ensure to use a child-friendly shampoo and conditioner to cleanse their hair gently. Our Tailored Beauty Coconut Creme Shampoo and Conditioner with Mango butter is the perfect product combination for your little one.

The shampoo is infused with coconut oil which cleanses and strengthens hair without leaving it feeling stripped. It is formulated with aloe vera juice that moisturizes and restores hair's natural pH. Our coconut crème shampoo is derived from natural sources and is free from contains parabens or sulfates. 

The Coconut Crème Conditioner contains mango butter and leaves the hair soft and smooth as it will give their hair an ample amount of slip making wash day a breeze. It has a blend of coconut oil, olive oil, and mango butter are perfect for replenishing dry hair. 

3. Moisturize Regularly

Natural hair tends to be drier than other hair types, so keeping hydrated is essential. Kids tend to be very active as they play a lot a school and even at home. This can cause their hair to lose moisture more frequently than yours so you must pay extra attention to it. Applying a leave-in conditioner before styling or a moisturizing mist throughout the week will keep the kinks/coils/curls hydrated. Don't forget to pay extra attention to the ends, which are more prone to dryness.

With the Tailored Beauty Products, you have two options for your little ones:

Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist - Packed with humectants that helps keep the hair moisturized longer. Perfect for refreshing hairstyles or adding texture back into the hair. Use as the "liquid" in the LOC method or simply moisturize & seal with our Everything Butter. Our bottles are designed to spray a fine mist. 

Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner - Our Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment contains a premium herbal blend of Gotu Kola Extract and Neem Oil to restore moisture and awaken hair. This leave-in treatment strengthens strands, keeps hair manageable, and makes detangling a breeze.



4. Protective Styles for Play

Kids are active, and their hair can easily become tangled or damaged during play. Consider using protective styles and/or low manipulation styles that require little to no maintenance. This will reduce the possibility of breakage, and additional knots and tangles that can affect their length retention. You can experiment with styles such as braids, twists, and even cornrows! These styles are long-lasting as they can service for over 7 days. Additionally, they can be refreshed midweek if you need to quickly style their hair for a impromptu picture day.


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5. Teach Healthy Hair Habits

As your child grows, involve them in their hair care routine. Teach them how to gently handle their hair, including brushing or combing. This encourages a positive relationship with their natural hair.  They understand their hair texture and how to grow it, maintain and style it. This early education sets the foundation for them. They will be able to teach their friends, their future children, and other persons in their life. As well as, they will not be affected by inconsequential comments about their hair as they understand that it's their crown and an addition of what males them unique. 

Caring for kids' natural hair can be an enjoyable and bonding experience for parents and children alike. By following these tips  you can ensure your child's natural hair remains healthy, manageable, and beautiful. Embrace the journey of nurturing their unique locks and fostering a positive relationship with their natural beauty.

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