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Yes, you've guessed it right were dropping r our summer body collection. We have dubbed it the Majestic Glow Collection which will have your melanated skin glistening all summer. After the winter period, it's summer baby! And your summer body needs to be glowing all day whether you are on vacation, at the beach, poolside or even heading to work.

In this line, we created 3 products.
All of which are key elements of the body hygiene routine.

Let's go:


First up is our Majestic Tamanu Oil Soap. Not only will it cleanse your skin, but it will also reduce dark marks as well as even your complexion because of the tamanu oil. This key ingredient is rich in minerals specifically collagen and glycosaminoglycan (GAG). Both are important into penetrating into the skin to heal it on a molecular level. 

1. Lather the soap with water
2. Apply directly unto your body
3. Massage gently in a circular motion to increase blood flow 
4. Rinse and repeat daily.

After rinsing your skin will feel soft and hydrated.

Up next is our collection is our MAJESTIC BODY SCRUB
Yes ladies we've answered the call of creating a body scrub. Our body scrub isn't harsh on the skin when removing the dead cells. As well as, it won't leave your skin feeling dry. It works for all skin types. It is made from organic sugar which is great at removing dead cells. And essential oils that contain antibacterial properties that will heal the skin. As well as, leaving it smelling fresh. nd essential oils. Leaves skin with a silky smooth finish.

1. Gather a small amount of the scrub in your hand
2. Apply to the skin
3. Gently rub into the skin in circular motions to increase blood flow
****You can use a loofah to assist if you feel to however it is not necessary
4. Rinse thoroughly

Last but not least is our Majestic Illuminating Oil.
It is a nourishing pigmented oil that is made to moisturize the skin. As well as, illuminating a natural gloss that will have all eyes on you. It is perfect for the natural golden flow that we know our Tailored Beauties will be giving all summer.

1. Shake well before use
2. Add the desired amount to your fingertips
3. Massage into the desired area to see your skin illuminate.

Now that the cats out the bag, let us know what you think.
Drop comments below, purchase the line, share on social media, etc.
We want to know!

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