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5 Reasons Your Twist Out Isn't Defined


We all love a good twist out. One that has shine, definition, bounce and length! Twist Outs are perfect natural hair styles that show the optimal health and length of your kinky coily hair. The reason you're not getting your defined twist outs is because of the following:

1] You're not parting your hair properly

You don't need to do a sleek parting with your fine tooth comb and claw clips. However, you should have an idea of how your twists would fall. So you would free part your hair so you're twists fall to frame your face. As well as, you can use a comb so that it's easier to have a defined parting whether you want a side or middle part.


2] You're not starting on damp hair

It's easier to style your hair when it's damp because the hair is in a malleable state. So product can be absorbed quicker and easier into your hair so you can style it as you want. If your hair is dry and you apply a styler, it is 10 times hard to get it supple, smooth and soft to create defined results. So get your spray bottle to dampen your hair prior to styling. 

3] You don't use organic stylers

There are a lot of stylers out there that can give you definition. However, they don't provide hold. You need your twist out to last for at least 3 o 4 days. If it lasts 1 day, then your wash day and styling time has gone to waste. SO it's best to use organic stylers. Not only do they provide definition, they provide hold so you can wear your styles for the week. As well as, sheen so your hair is always glowing from the inside out. 

Our Curl Antidote Curling Cream is specially formulated to create beautiful textured hairstyles while nourishing each strand. The antidote for a light moisturized hold for your favorite textured hairstyles such as twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots, and rod sets.


4] You don't seal your twists with an oil
Sealing with an oil aids in keeping the moisture and the hold locked in. So you don't' have to worry about having dry and crusty twists in a couple of days. Also, the oils provides your twists with sheen so that your twists stay glowing all week long. You can use our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil. It's a light weight oil that will not weigh down the curls, nourishes the hair and adds sheen. 

5] You don't let your twists dry 100%
After you have styled, twisted and sealed with an oil - let it dry.
You have to let your twists dry at least 99%. Your hair strands are wrapped around each other so it not all areas are exposed to the environment. So you have to ensure that even the inside of the twists are dry to et sleek results. Or else you will get poofy, and frizzy results. No one wants that.

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