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This collection box is a great buy because it includes everything you need to keep hair healthy and soft. Love this collection box!!!!
— Terisa S.

Our Curlfriends Deserve Luxurious Hair…

Get the beautiful curls you’ve always wanted when you incorporate the Tailored Beauty Ultimate Collection method, step by step.

Tailored Beauty Coconut Creme Shampoo .jpg

Step 1 - Wash and Condition

Wash with “Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo”. For kinky/curly hair apply dime size amount in sections.
Condition with “Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Conditioner” For kinky/ curly hair apply a dime size amount in sections. Detangle and rinse.

Step 2 - Moisturize Using LOC method

Lightly dampen the hair with the "Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist" to open up the hair's cuticles Apply a small amount of the "Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil". Apply a small amount of the "Tailored Beauty Everything Butter" to seal in oil into the cuticles.

Tailored Beauty LOC.png

Moisturize Using LOC Method

Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist, Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil and Tailored Beauty Everything Butter

Tailored Beauty Styling Kit PNG.jpg

Step 3 Style

Use” Tailored beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly” to Define Create lustrous ultra defined curls”- Work into wet hair with a wide tooth comb or fingers to define kinky / curly hair. For twist outs and braid outs- Divide damp hair in small sections. Apply a small amount

Apply “Tailored Beauty Edge Control” to edges with a small brush or fingertip for sleek smooth edges.

I love the styling kit. Each product is amazing. They smell wonderful and help to style my hair beautifully.
— Aundrea T.