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Women Are Seeing Amazing Results with Plant Based Hair Vitamins


You have seen how the vegan diet can transform an individual’s over health so why not our hair? Plant-based is usually the way to go when we are catering for our body, especially our hair. Different herbs and plants have a wide variety of nutrients that our hair needs to thrive. It provides it with the minerals needed to fortify our hair strands, grow our hair, enhance our curl pattern, provide the shine and keep our tresses moisturised. Tailored Beauty offers a full range od plant-based products. Women are seeing beautiful and significant results once they have started to incorporate one or all of the products into their regimen

 Let’s take a closer look into each one:

  • Tailored Beauty Hair Vitamins – These hair vitamins are not your usual hair vitamins. They are made with premium hair ingredients used to stimulate hair growth. These premium ingredients are plant-based herbs including Fenugreek seed, Rosemary, Sage, Horse Tail and even Aloe. All of these natural ayurvedic ingredients have been tried, tested and proven to grow your hair significantly. The vitamins are affordable for $19.00 and are sufficient to last an entire month.

"I purchased these after I lost my edges due to postpartum shedding . I especially purchased them after learning they are 100% vegan. These are my results after 3 WEEKS! Although I took them to help with my edges, I have seen significant results with my length. I plan to repurchase the 90 day supply."- Christina (Verified Customer)

  • Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil – Based on the name of the oil, one would assume it is of a thick and cannot be used daily. However, I would have to say that you are wrong. This blend of oil is of a lightweight consistency and suitable for daily use. The oil blend includes castor oil which is known to thicken & grow your hair, jojoba oil which has the same properties as that of sebum, rosemary oil and vitamin e oil which are super oils that promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. Also, it contains sesame seed oil, avocado oil, apricot oil, and vitamin e oil. These oils are great at not only promoting hair growth but moisturising and keeping it locked in to prevent dryness and breakage.

  •  Each product was manufactured with the health of our hair in mind. Not only does it focus on growth, which is everybody’s goal, but it provides your hair with the optimal health needed. Now that you know the benefits of each product. Which will you be purchasing

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