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Why You Should Switch Natural Hair Stylers This Season

Mocha Raye Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Cream

Spring 2022 is here and summer is right around the corner.
What does this mean? HEAT.
The temperatures are rising and they may even get higher than we know it.
Don't panic, well at least for your hair.

During the warmer temperatures we're used to being encouraged to 'jelly' styler.
We want it to provide hold, sleek and definition as much as possible.
However, cream stylers do just about the same.
And, they work even better during these temperatures.

Here's why you should switch your natural hair styler this season:

1. Need humectants-rich stylers:
There is moisture in the air so we should take advantage of it using humectant rich stylers. Humectants take moisture from the air and place them into our hair. So the water molecules are easily absorbed into our hair strands. And it keeps our curls moisturized longer during this season. Examples of humectants to look for in your products are glycerin, glycol, honey, molasses and aloe vera gel.

2. Not only are butters great sealants, they are great stylers as well
Butters are greater sealants as we know they are used in the LOC/LCO method. They are rich in emollients and fatty acids which keeps the hair strands conditioned for a very long time. So there no way of the moisture escaping. So why not use it to be a styler as well? The butters will mold the hair strand to create the defined results we want. As well, keeping the moisture inside to keep your 'frizz-free' results. 


3. Your hair gets used to the same products :-
Our hair gets used to the same stylers. If we're using the same styler in the winter season as we are in the spring season, our hair will just get use to it. The benefits of it won't be evident in the health of our hair anymore. We will have frizzy results, dry hair, and lackluster curls. And I'm sure we've all been there and experienced it. So give your curls are break, so another styler can provide it with the moisture it needs.

Our Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Cream is the perfect cream styler for your hair this spring season. Our Curl Antidote Curling Cream is specially formulated to create beautiful textured hairstyles while nourishing each strand. The medicinal herb Gotu Kola aids in providing moisture and strength for each of the hair strand. As well as, neem oil  that is rich in antioxidants to prevent frizz. keeps moisturized locked in and provides shine.  Also, it contains glycol which is a humectant that your hair will love. This is the antidote for a light moisturized hold for your favorite textured hairstyles this season such as twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots, and rod sets.

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