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How to get the LOC Method to work for your hair regimen


A lot of naturals complain that the LOC/LCO Method doesn't work for them. However, it's not that the technique isn't working, you're just doing it wrong. Yes, we said so. Don't fear as we're here to help you achieve healthy hair. And of the ways is by doing the LOC/LCO Method.

Here are 4 ways to get the LOC Method to work for you:

#1 - Not starting with clean and wet hair
It is recommended to start the LOC Method on CLEAN and WET hair. For you to get the best results your hair has to be wet so the product can penetrate and absorb into the hair shaft easier. In addition, once it is clean, your hair will absorb more of each step as no product build-up is blocking.

#2 - Using too much of each product
Next, you are using too much of each product for each step. If you apply the Liquid to your hair, you do not need to go overboard as you're hair should already be in a damp/wet state. As well, no need to go heavy-handed with the oils or butter as they can weigh down your curls. If you're adding too much for each layer then you are defeating the purpose of moisturizing and sealing. You may be doing more harm than good to your curls.

#3 - Not doing the LOC/LCO Method based on your porosity type
Do you know your porosity type? Being aware of your porosity type will allow you to moisturize your hair better. For low porosity gals, the LOC method is better. And for high porosity gals, the LCO method is better. As well, you can even take up another step to add another layer of oil to your curls. So before you give up on the LOC/LCO Method, check your porosity type.

#4 - Use products from the same line
If you are doing any step of the LOC/LCO Method with any of our Tailored Beauty Products, you should continue the other steps with our products. Product lines, especially natural hair products, are designed to work best together. They are manufactured together using similar basic and complementary ingredients. Therefore, if you want the best results, you have to do all of the steps with our line.

Recommended product:
LOC/LCO product combination easier for you, we created our Tailored Beauty LOC Kit. It has the three products (Liquid, Oil, and Cream) that you need to do the LOC or LCO Method.



Let us know if these tips and tricks work for you!

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