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Why Switching Up Your Hair Regimen For The Fall Is So Important




Fall is here ladies but that doesn’t mean that you should fall off your hair regimen. You mastered your Summer hair, now it's time to concentrate on Fall hair. Fall weather is usually dry thus resulting in us having dry hair. Once our hair becomes dry it is susceptible to breakage, split ends, single strand knots and so much more. During the Fall you can still rock certain styles such s your wash and gos and even buns, however, your products will change.


How To Rock A Wash n Go During The Fall:

Before rocking your wash and go, ensure to deep condition with our Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment. This treatment contains Fenugreek Powder and Bhringraj Oil. The powder has a strong potency that will promote shiny, moisture, strength, thickness, and enhancing the natural pattern of your curls. Thus, keeping our hair in tip-top conditioner during the dry weather. The Oil is deemed the “King of Herbs”. Based on the name, you can tell the potency of this herb. Not only does it promote growth but it strengthens your hair to be able to withstand the dry weather from penetrating your strands.


Also, our Moisture Penetrating Leave-in Treatment contains a blend of herbal ingredients such as Gotu kola extract, neem oil, fenugreek powder, bhringaraj oil and so much more. These ingredients because of its potency are known to penetrate the cuticle and impart antioxidants and minerals needed to promote shine, promote strength, reduce frizz, enhance thickness, enhance shine and improve scalp health.

Both products are a perfect base before adding your favorite gel to your wash and go 

How to Rock a Bun During the Fall:

c However in fall before styling you want to ensure to do a hot oil treatment using our Grow Thick Oil. You would heat the oil in a cup or bowl of hot water. Once the oil is hot, saturate your hair strands in it. Then, apply a steam cap on. The heat will lift the cuticle layers to penetrate it with the nourishment it needs. The nourishment will provide it with the shine, strength, and moisture that it needs. Therefore, when your hair is all bundled up away from the weather it is still hydrated. Thus, keeping your strands healthy.

Also, if you are doing a bun after a failed hairstyle or a week old hairstyle ensure to spray with our Moisturizing Mist. This Mist will keep your hair hydrated for a longer time or until wash day. It is packed with glycerin and jojoba oil. Glycerin is a natural humectant that will hydrate our curls. As well as, the oil is the only oil whose properties is similar to that of sebum hence it will provide our scalp with the nourishment needed for the remainder of our strands.



Each product is great for allowing your hair to look and feel healthy during the fall weather.

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