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What's The Difference: Hair Creams Vs Hair Butter

Depending on the type of natural you are, you query the purpose of your various products. Especially when you purchase them a lot and they seem to be carrying out the same function. One common question in the natural hair community is ... "What is the Difference Between Creams and Butters?", "IS both necessary in your regimen", "Why do manufacturers sell them separately"? ANd so much more variants of the one question.

So in this blog post, we will be letting you know what the difference is between both.

Hair Butters:
Hair butters are usually thicker in consistency when compared to creams. And this is because butter does not contain water. Yes naturalistas, they don't. If you've ever looked at the ingredient list for a hair butter, there is no water. The first ingredient is a butter of any form. For example, it can be shea butter, grapeseed butter, carrot butter, and as many other kinds of butter. 

Because butter is the main ingredient, it's usually of thick consistency. So thick that it reminds you of the "butter" that you store in your fridge. If you were to take out the butter and leave it in heat, it would melt just like your hair butter. Butters are oils at its core that is solidified. This is why manufacturers recommend that you store your butter at specific temperatures or they make note that it can belt while traveling to you. 

Hair butter is not only made with butter. They do contain other key oils grouped into carrier or essential oils. This is why they are great sealants and used as the C in the LOC method. The butter/oil holds the water molecules unto the hair strands and prevents it from leaving the hair strands. Therefore, "sealing in your hair" so it stays moisturized for a long time.

At Tailored Beauty, we have our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter.
It is a multi-use butter that is rich in nutrients for your hair and skin. 
So it will maintain the moisture levels in your hair as well as hydrating and healing your skin. 

Hair Creams:

Hair Creams are more of a watery consistency because it is made with water or water-based ingredients. Thus, making it a thinner consistency than your hair butter and easier to apply to your tresses. Also, it is not greasy as butter so it's easier to work through and penetrate each and every strand.  makes it easier to apply and work through your hair. And luckily it can be stored at any temperature.

Hair creams are mostly used as stylers and/or moisturizers. 
We know that water is the best moisturizer for our hair. In addition, they contains butters, oils, and other key ingredients that keep the hydration in. As well as, makes your curls pop so they can be used for a twist out, wash and go, puff, or even a braid out.

At Tailored Beauty, we have our Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Curling Cream.
Not only does it contain water, shea butter, and coconut oil, it contains ayurvedic herbs that your hair will thank you for later.

Let us know in the comments which do you prefer to use and why.

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