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We all encourage to use toxic free products made with organic ingredients in your hair regimen. While all this is correct, you should also be aware of the vitamins that you need. These are the top 5 vitamins you need to grow your hair or to speed up your hair growth process.

VITAMIN C – Vitamin c promotes healthy hair growth as it creates the protein we call collagen. Collagen aids in thickening and strengthening our hair shaft. Therefore, improve its health of it so it’s able to prevent breakage, reduce hair loss as well as retain length. In addition, it promotes healthy hair growth.

VITAMIN D – Vitamin aids in stimulating the follicles on the scalp. We all need the follicles to be stimulated for hair to emerge from the follicles aka growth. If our hair lacks vitamin D, it can cause our hair growth to be stunted as well as stopped altogether. Studies have shown that the lack of is linked to air issues such as alopecia

THIAMINE – Thiamine plays a role in preventing hair loss and regrowing your hair. Therefore, it is important if we want to achieve our goals of growing our hair. Thiamine is also linked to regulating our natural metabolism. So if we have a low metabolism due to genetics or safe, it can reduce the speed at which our hair grows.

RIBOFLAVIN – Riboflavin is a part of the Vitamin B group as it is called Vitamin B2. It aids in building a healthy immune system and skin and nails. If our immune system isn’t functioning optimally, then most of the nutrients we receive from foods will go to our organs. And the skin, hair, and nail will get the remainder of nothing at all. Therefore, we need riboflavin. In addition, it radicalizes the cells in our body so that they are all functioning optimally to absorb and provide nutrients.

BIOTIN – Last but not least is biotin. Biotin is a very popular vitamin within the natural hair community. Some of us may have taken it back in the day to grow our hair, skin, and nails. We may have had adverse reactions to it, or we just stopped. Regardless, vitamin is needed to grow your hair. And, it is needed in moderation in your diet.

All of these vitamins are contained in our tailored beauty plant-based hair vitamins. Our plant-based hair vitamins are specially formulated with premium ingredients to stimulate hair growth and jumpstart your healthy hair care regimen. One bottle will last you for the entire month as you should be taking it twice a day.

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