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Tools You Need For A Bad Hair Day


We have all experienced a bad hair day. Sometimes our hair becomes too puffy due to the humidity, rain, or any other weather elements. Or the product we thought was going to work completely failed us. So, what do we do?

We complain then we fix it. We recommend having a few hair tools on hand always in case you have an emergency. It does not necessarily have to be a big bag of hair products because who has the time or energy? However these 4 tools will help you fix any bad style.


Satin scrunchies -
Satin scrunchies are the best as you can place your curls in a high or low ponytail or bun. The satin aids in preventing moisture loss. As well as, creating tension on your hair strands which can cause breakage, tangles and knots. And more importantly, your ponytail or bun will not feel tight.

We all love a slicked hairstyle however we shouldn't be experiencing any excruciating pain especially if we're having a bad hair day.


Edge Control -
Yes you need edge control. Not just any edge control but one that nourishes your hair while holding it in place for a couple of hours. Your best option is our Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control.  It is fortified with Jamaican Black Castor Oil (also known as JBCO) which is know to strengthen, grow and condition your hair. The lightweight formula will provide hold without leaving your hair feeling 'caked'. As well as, it does not flake or cause build up (especially when used along with the Tailored Beauty Line)


Bobby Pins -
Next, is bobby pins because they are life saver. I know we tend to lose them quickly as they can be easily concealed into our hair, in our handbags, or on the floor. So just keep a small pack in a visible place in your hand. You can use it to fix your buns, twist outs, braid outs, hide your frizzy hair or get your bangs out of your face. Bobby pins are lifesavers for sure!



Moisturizer -
And last but certainly not least is a moisturizer. Moisturizer is so important for natural hair in allowing us to maintain the overall health of my hair. Our Tailored Beauty Moisturising Mist is perfect for those bad hair days. It's packed with humectants that helps keep the hair moisturized longer. It is perfect for refreshing hairstyles or adding texture back into the hair.  Our bottles are designed to spray a fine mist to your hair so it is not weighed down.

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