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This Is Why Your Hair Regimen Needs Gotu Kola Extract


Benefits of Gotu Kola Extract:

Gotu Kola is one of the popular ayurvedic herbs that are native to Africa and India. Ayurvedic herbs and oils have become increasingly popular within the natural hair community because it allows us to achieve our hair goals quickly and effectively. The Gotu Kola Extract is filled with many medicinal properties that are going to nourish your scalp and hair strands. You can use the extract in the oil or herb form and add it to your natural hair regimen. For example, adding the herbs to your deep conditioner or adding the oil to your DIY oil mixture. Either way, your air will benefit from the true nourishment of the extract.


Here are 5 benefits of Gotu Kola Extract:

  1. Prevents Hair Loss: Gotu Kola is known to prevent as well as stop hair loss. Once the extract is applied to our scalp, specifically, our hair follicles it will extend reduce the telogen phase. This phase is the resting phase of the hair cycle where our hair stops growing and we may experience shedding. 


  1. Revitalizes Your Hair Strand – The extract will fortify your naturally dry strands with the minerals, moisture and protein that it needs. Therefore, it will help to hydrate your curls and enhance your definition. As well as, the protein will aid in repairing any broken strands and strengthening your old and new hair strands.


  1. Nourishes The Scalp: The extract can be used as a nourishment for your scalp by providing it with the vitamins and minerals needed for it to truly flourish. Once your scalp is receiving the nutrients it needs from the products you are putting in your hair it will start to function effectively. Therefore, sebum production will be regularized and soothe the scalp to avoid scalp issues such as dandruff, excessive shedding, psoriasis and so much more. Also, our hair will start to be growing stronger and healthier.


  1. Increases Hair Growth: Most individuals use Gotu Kola extract to achieve healthy hair growth which is the top benefit. Once applied and massaged in, it will promote blood flow to the scalp. Once circulation has increased to the scalp our follicles will get the rejuvenation needed from the herb and our blood to promote hair growth. Also, it encourages your hair to grow faster than normal.


  1. Improves natural sheen: Once your hair starts to thrive overall it will show in the natural lustre of your curls. If your curls are lacklustre, it usually means the health of your hair. Once you start to incorporate Gotu Kola extract within your natural hair regimen your hair will start to flourish. Thus, the natural sheen of your crown will be glowing for everyone to see and love.


Products With Gotu Kola Extract:

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