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These Mistakes in Your Hair Regimen Can Cause Severe Damage

We all want healthy hair, however, there are steps in our hair that we’re doing that hinder that. Our hair is naturally parched and sensitive, so we must nurture it for us to grow it long and strong. Therefore, there are key things that we don’t do or don’t do it properly which could really aid us in our healthy hair journey.  So, we must change up our routine a little or a lot.

 Here are 3 mistakes in your hair regimen that can cause severe damage: -


NOT DETANGLING – You have not been detangling your hair at all or properly. Detangling is crucial because, after a week of wearing your hair in a style, it tends to tangle up. So, we must remove the tangles, and style again for a fresh hairstyle. When we don’t detangle, we leave our hair prone to breakage, split ends and knots!

 Also, detangling should only be done with three tools – a wide-tooth comb, a Denman brush or the pads of your fingers. All these tools are gentle on the hair, some being gentler than others. They allow you to feel the tangle, then remove it to reduce the possibility of tearing/pulling out on your tresses.

 We recommend detangling during the shower when you are conditioning using our Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Conditioner with Mango Butter.


NOT MOISTURISING – Genetically our hair is naturally dry. Why? The natural sebum produced from our scalp cannot travel from the roots ALL the way down towards our ends to coat it with the nutrients it needs. Hence, we do it ourselves. But we could not be doing it properly or not doing it all.

 Our hair needs to be moisturized on a daily or even weekly basis. The hydration provides it with the nutrients that it needs for our hair to thrive. It will reduce shedding, breakage, single strand knots, and even split ends! So why are you not doing it again?

 Also, you must moisturize using the LOC method using our Tailored Beauty LOC Package. This method allows moisture to be applied and sealed in so that our hair stays hydrated for a long time. Also, it aids in lengthening the life of our hairstyle.




NOT DEEP CONDITIONING – And finally, you are not deep conditioning your tresses. Deep conditioning is a rejuvenation process of our strands. Trust us, it’s been through a lot form manipulation by you, strangers touching it, tools in it, applying gel just to get a sleek style to last you for the rest of the week and the list goes on and on. So we have to replenish it from the prior week and the upcoming week.

 We recommend the Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner. It is manufactured with a beautiful blend of ayurvedic ingredients. These ingredients are the complete package as they not only provide moisture, but they provide strength, sheen, enhancing your colour, preventing breakage, and so much more. It was made by a naturalista for naturalistas.

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One thought on “These Mistakes in Your Hair Regimen Can Cause Severe Damage

  1. avatar Gayle says:

    It would help me if you would show us what products we should use and when. It’s pretty knowledgeable to shampoo then condition but then what to achieve this look or that look. Thanks

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