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The Top Products Recommended By Our In House Hair Stylist



Similar to us, hairstylist understand the struggle of trying to find the best product to use on your hair. They have tried and tested numerous products, and  ultimately knows what works. We had an in-house hair stylist who provided makeovers to a couple of a customers. In this article, we will be sharing the 4 products the hairstylist used to care for everyone's hair type.


Tailored Beauty Clay Detox Shampoo Bar
Our Clay Detox bar takes the hassle out of making DIY clay mixes. Our Clay Detox bar is is formulated to clarify and remove toxins and buildup. It will cleanse the hair naturally with earth's natural minerals.  This allows layers of  product build up, oils, sebum, dirt and debris to removed from your scalp and hair!

Massage the shampoo bar into your damp scalp. This will create the 'sud' that we all love to cleanse the scalp thoroughly. Ensure to massage it in using the pads of your fingers to increase blood flow to the scalp. Then, rinse thoroughly.



Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Cream:
Our Curl Antidote Curling Cream is specially formulated to create beautiful textured hairstyles while nourishing each strand. The antidote for a light moisturized hold for your favorite textured hairstyles such as twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots, and rod sets.


Divide your hair into the number of sections needed to create your twist or braid out. Apply a small amount to each twist or braid. Then, unravel once hair is fully dry. 



Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control
Our edge control is formulated to nourish your hair to be healthy and strong! It's unique blend tames and slicks all hair types. It's key ingredient is Jamaican black castor oil. This is perfect for regrowing your thinning edges or nape. Your edges will be stronger, longer, and shinier! The lightweight formula of the edge control is exactly what you need as it does not flake or cause product build up. 



Take a small amount and apply to your edges. 
Work it in using your edge brush to create the swoops to frame your face.
Place a scarf on your edges to preserve and hold them into place.




Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil
You will grow longer, stronger, thicker & healthier hair with our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil.  It is the perfect lightweight oil to incorporate in your antural hair regimen. It will keepn your hair moisturised on a daily basis or during protective styling. It can be used as the OIL in the LOC Method . The oil will provide the sheen needed to nourish your hair from roots to ends as it contains  natural vitamins and omegas.

Using the applicator tip, squeeze a dime size of oil into your palms
Work the oil in between the palms of your hands. 
Coat the hair shaft with the oil using the praying hand method so each curl is covered.





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