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The Secret to Growing and Retaining Your Child's Natural Hair

We all want to offer our children hair's the best nourishment that they could ever ask for. Whether or not we received it when we were younger, as moms/dads we want to take care of the health of our child (including their hair). This includes avoiding products that do more harm than good for their scalp and hair.

There are many moms on the internet who have shared using products to transform the health of their daughters hair. Funny enough, that's how Keya (our Founder) started her natural ahir care business. Her subscribers and followers wanted to purchase the products that she was using in her daughter's hair for their children's hair.

So, what was Keya's secret to growing and retaining summer's hair?


Here's what she says :

1] Use Organic products only
You should only be using organic products on their hair from birth. Their scalp and hair can react negatively to certain chemicals, acids and hormones used in products. In addition, these products do more harm than good for their hair. You should be using products rich in oils, butters and fatty acids. And more importantly, 'water' as it is the best hydrator for the health of their curls. 

Tailored Beauty sells organic products that are safe for all ages over 12 months. Your child's hair will receive moisture and strength to keep it glowing form the inside out. You can purchase or single items or a our hair care kit. Our Ultimate Collection is perfect for you to enhance and elongate their beautiful curls.

Our kits are curated to suit a specific need by providing you with all of the products together at a discounted price. In the Tailored Beauty Ultimate Collection Box you will receive the following products:
1 Moisturizing Mist
1 Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control
1 Perfect Coils Curling Jelly
1 Coconut Creme Shampoo
1 Coconut Creme Conditioner
1 Everything Butter
1 Grow Thick Oil

The products are perfected curated to create and follow a consistent routine which is our next step.

2] Follow A Consistent Routine
With the ultimate collection, each product used is for a different step in the natural hair routine. And this is the routine that you should be following when taking care of your Childs's hair.

Following a consistent routine allows you to be diligent when taking care of their hair. In addition, each step is needed for their curls to thrive as you need to do the following:

1] Cleanse with the Coconut Creme Shampoo so that it is able to absorb moisture.
2] Condition with the Coconut Creme Conditioner to moisturize and strengthen their curls.
3] Moisturize With Moisturizing Mist to keep their hair hydrated until the next wash day.
4] Seal With Everything Butter and Grow Thick Oil to ensure the hydration stays locked in until the next wash day.
5]Style with Perfect Coils Curling Jelly & Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control to provide hold curl definition, sheen and moisture.

Also each step and products work well with the subsequent products to keep their hair in tip top conditioner.

3] Styling Using Protective Styles Only
And the final secret is to do a protective style on their hair.
When we say protective style we don't mean faux locs, braids, crochet, etc. You can do simple protective styles such as cornrows, mini twists, mini braids, and even double buns. 

These styles are very low maintenance so you don't have to be consistently restyling or retouching their hair. With little to no maintenance, their will do what's suppose to do which is grow. In addition, there is little possibility of e=abnormal breakage and shedding. As well as, you can avoid single strand knots and split ends which affects length retention.

You can purchase Tailored Beauty products at
As well as at your nearest Walmart store where you can find out using our Store Locator.

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