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The Journey: From Youtube To Entrepreneurship

Believe it or not, Tailored Beauty started on youtube.

2011 - Keya James [Founder of Tailored Beauty" decided to start her "natural hair journey" by avoid relaxers, utilizing her hair care techniques and products. As with most naturals, having healthy hair was the goals which would involve learning about moisture and length retention. She realized that achieving the goal may be difficult if she continued to use "Commercial products". These contain a lot of sulphates, silicones, parabens, dyes, alcohols and other unsuitable ingredients for the health of her hair.

2012 - So in 2012 she started making her own DIY Whipped Shea Butter which is known as the Tailored Beauty Everything Butter today (one of our best sellers to date). The creation process was documented via her youtube channel so her subscribers/views saw her wins and failures while perfecting the ingredients, consistency and the mixture. She started giving it to friends and family for free who loved it and encouraged her to make more. Later that year she became pregnant with her daughter summer and decided to use the butter on her belly daily to prevent no stretch marks.

2013 - In July of 2013 Summer was born and alas, there were no stretch marks. Also, she used her own DIY creations on Summer's hair to maintain the health of it so it grows, strengthens as well as stays hydrated.  You can even still see videos of Baby Summer and Keya on her youtube channel using the Tailored Beauty Everything Butter. This created the demand for her products as her subscribers wanted to know how to purchase it. As well as, her friends and family members too!

2014 - In 2014, her husband Aaron James encouraged her to sell 3 of her products on ETSY. And one of those which is now a best seller happens to be the Tailored Beauty Everything Butter. Although the packaging looks different, the quality of the ingredients used have not changed.

2015 - In 2015, Tailored Beauty made their first $100K which is the prompt Keya needed to go full fledge into her entrepreneurship journey. She resigned from her a job as licensed counsellor. Tailored beauty was rebranded to their official website "".

In the past 6 years, Tailored Beauty has grown.
We have even more products suitable for every step of your hair journey. In addition, we try to use as much natural ingredients as possible to not harbor the health of your hair. We have tweaked the products to make sure it aligns with what our customers want. We have moved to a bigger warehouse to suit our bigger demands.  We have made millions. And, so much more is in store for us the Tailored Beauty Brand.

Similar to any other business we have also had our lows too as well. It's all been a part of the entrepreneurship journey. And, it's even greater to see our million dollar idea come to fruition right in front of your eyes. Thank you to our customers who have made this journey very rewarding. When times get hard here at Tailored Beauty, we know that it will be all worth it at the very end!


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