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The Importance of Prepooing


Prepoo - This is the process of applying a treatment to your hair before shampooing. 

This "phenomenon" started within the natural hair community to reduce the harsh effects that shampoo had on our scalp/hair. So we would drench our hair in oils and/or conditioner to coat the hair. Shampoos were being made with sulphates that were taking away the natural oils and moisture from our scalp. So after rinsing out the shampoo, our hair would be dry and can easily break. With prepoo, the shampoo would ONLY remove the product that is sitting on the scalp and hair shaft. 

A lot has changed in the natural hair product industry as there has been an emergence of black-owned brands that are catering for the health of our scalp. So we can safely say goodbye to poor quality shampoos. Here at Tailored Beauty you can use our Coconut Creme Shampoo and/or Shampoo Bar.

Although ONE purpose has been removed, there are other benefits of prepooing as well. They may seem insignificant however they do make the wash day process easier. 


Benefits of Prepooing:

1. Absorbs The Nutrients:
Oils are rich in a variety of nutrients that are beneficial for our hair.
They contain a range of vitamins and minerals that are able to repair, hydrate, soften, and add sheen to your tresses. In addition, no one oil is the same so each oil will provide your hair with something different. Our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil contains 6 oils that your will needs and will love.

2. Softens The Hair:
If you let the oil sit on the hair for a specific time period, your hair will be softer. The oils will penetrate the hair which would cause the hair strands to swell as the oils are being absorbed into. This will make the hair easier to manage when you are ready to start the wash day.

3. Removes The Tangles:
Once your hair is soft and easier to manage, then the detangling process becomes a breeze. You knots will be able to be pulled a part gently using your fingers, or combs. As well as, you may need to add less Tailored Beauty Coconut Creme Conditioner or Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner on your hair.

4. Improves Elasticity of Hair:
Elasticity is how much the hair will stretch and bounce back. Remember prepoo allows the hair strands to swell as it is absorbing the nutrients of each and every oil. So Your hair strands will curl up if absorbed properly. 

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