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The Best Tiktok Tips For Your Twist Out


Tiktok is the new social media tool to use if you want to learn tips and tricks. Of course, we had to go there to find out how to make our twist-outs better. There are thousands of influencers sharing their tips, tricks, and techniques. We choose the best 5 for you to add to your regimen. These tips will make a difference in the length, volume, definition, and sheen of your kinks/coils/curls.

Here they are:


1] Start on stretched hair

Start your twist out on stretched hair if you want your results to be long. If you are starting on wet hair, then your hair will shrink to your shoulders. You may have waist length hair but your twist out stops at your shoulders and/or midback length. You can stretch your hair after washing by doing loose twists, loose braids, or styling your hair the day after wash day. Do remember to moisturize, then stretch your hair.

2] Twist, Then Smooth
After you apply the product it is time to twist your hair The twisting motion is very simple to do. You should wrap the one section over the over. Then, continue until the entire twist is twisted. However, there is an extra step you have to do. As you twist your hair, smooth the remainder of the sections down, then twist it again. Smoothing helps to keep the twists sleek and smooth. If you feel like the remainder of the hair is feeling a little dry, apply a bit more product then continue.



3] Curl the ends of each twist
After you have completed each twist, curl the ends of your hair using your fingers, denman brushes or a permrod. Our ends are the oldest parts of our hair. So the ends may be a bit lackluster, weak, and the curls may not be as popping towards the end. Once the ends are curled, the results of your twist out will be more consistent from roots to tips.


4] Twist Your Hair the way you want it to fall
Section your hair prior to twisting so you can choose how your twist out will fall. If you want bangs, then let some of the twists fall at the front of your hair. If you want a side part with side bangs, then  section and twist your hair appropriately. You can even use bobby pins to assist you with sectioning your hair. 


5] Put a Twist the in the middle for volume
Last but not least is to put a twist in the middle for volume. Sometimes the middle of our hair looks flat or unproportioned to the rest of the hair. The twist in the middle can be fluffed to give the hair more volume. So section your hair appropriately and don't forget the middle part. Then, as you're twisting the middle section remember to smooth the hair as you are doing the twist motion. 



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