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The Best Curl-Defining Products For Your Hair


As a natural we're all about health, length and definition.
Definition is so important as we want our hair to be defined when rocking certain styles. Whether it is a wash and go, twist out, perm rod set, or even a flexi rod. Once it's defined, it has hold, and the style will last.

Finding curl-defining products isn't hard, it's just finding the once that work well with your hair type. These products contain alcohols that will dry our hair leaving crunchy. As well as, don't provide any hold or definition which is what we bought it for.

Fear no more, here are 3 BEST Curl-Defining Products For Your Hair :-




Our Curl Antidote Curling Cream is specially formulated to create beautiful textured hairstyles while nourishing each strand. It is the antidote for a light moisturized hold for your favorite textured hairstyles. It is perfect for twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots and rod sets.

It contains neem oil which is will reduce frizz so you're hair styles stay sleek, smooth and supple for a week. As well as, other ayurvedic ingredients that keep your coils nourished while it's styled.

Apply a small scoop to each section and work it in from tips to roots. You want to ensure that the product has evenly coated the hair so you can see the definition. Or, so it's soft so it's easy to wrap around a perm or a flexi rod. 


Our Jelly contains a natural blend of botanical ingredients that spoil your curls. It promote strong, healthy and defined curls for any defined hairstyles. It is suitable for defining wash and gos, twist and braid outs.

Honey, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Rosemary, and Horsetail extract is formulated within the jelly. It promote strong healthy curls while keeping your curls defined, tangle-free and shiny. As well as, it locks in moisture so your styles last longer. 

Apply the product evenly along each the clumps of hair strands to keep your curls ultra defined. You can also use your fingers or detangling brush to ultra define your curls. 


Our Mousse will leave your hair defined with hold and frizz free. It is perfect for your hairstyles where you want sleek and shine. It is perfect for your curly hairstyles such as rod sets. 

Our Flexible Curl Potion Mousse contains a premium herbal blend of Hibiscus for shiny, beautiful, lightweight curls.  The Hibiscus flower and Leaves are rich in amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamins A, B, and C. Revitalizes hair and aids in soft, shiny strands.


Apply Mousse from root to ends to each section on freshly washed hair. Use your favorite curlers to set hair. For best results style hair once moose has fully dried, follow up with the Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum.

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