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The 4 Ways to Use Our Everything Butter

Almost everyone has a beauty stash that is filled with the go-to products that they can’t live without. While it is easy for that stash to fill up pretty quickly, and trust us we aren’t judging, it is always best to ensure that multi-use products are also stowed away in your collection. We find that our customers agree that the Everything Butter is a staple within their product assortment and can be used a variety of ways! This handmade butter has a shea base and is rich with nutrients containing grape seed and coconut oil.

Ready to learn how you can use the Everything Butter? Keep reading below!

As a Cream in any LOC Method

We all know that as a natural it’s important that your hair is kept moisturized on a regular basis. The Liquid, Oil, Cream Method (Known as LOC) is the go-to system for naturals to ensure that their hair remains hydrated both during and after wash day. The Everything Butter can be used as the Cream, which seals the oil into the hair cuticles for strong and healthy strands. Did we mention that it also prevents further hair damage and breakage? A win-win!

To Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

When used consistently, the Everything Butter is known to help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. To do so, we recommend that you apply to it to damp skin after bathing daily, making sure to focus on any target areas. Our CEO Keya James used the Everything Butter on her stomach throughout her pregnancy and it resulted in no stretch marks!

As a Daily Moisturizer

Given that the Everything Butter is a Shea Butter base, it naturally softens the skin. Since it contains natural vitamins and fatty acids, it is also super moisturizing and can remedy any dryness. It even offers UV protection for the skin which is perfect when heading outdoors.

To soothe eczema, psoriasis, and rashes

Dealing with stubborn skin issues? The properties within the Everything Butter helps reduce skin inflammation which in turn will soothe any skin irritations. Rich in vitamin E, which is known as a skin protector, it will penetrate the skin and help promote cell renewal.

What is your favorite way to use Tailored Beauty? Share with us below in the comment section!

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