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How To Make Your Silk Press Last In The Winter




1. Cleanse & Condition Properly

You won't have the best silk press results without starting on a clean scalp and properly conditioned hair. Your hair needs to be free from product build up and excess oils and butter foryour silk press to last. Your hair will be better able to absorb the heat protectant more to keep your hair heat damage free.

Our Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo and Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Conditioner with Mango Butter is the perfect pair for your hair. They are formulated to work well together by thoroughly cleansing your scalp. Then, following up with the conditioner to replenish your hair with the moisture that was lost.

The conditioner will also soften the hair shaft as it is contains cetearyl alcohol. This provides the slip needed to remove knots and tangles so blow-drying and flat ironing your hair is a breeze.



2. If you can't do it, get it professionally done

We al love a good DIY to save money especially if we have the tools at home. However, flat ironing your hair successfully takes a specific technique that most hairstylists can do. So they will be able to get your hair exactly the way you want. Now we're not saying to go to your local hair salon to get it done. You wil need to further research to see if your hair salon is natural hair friendly. You can look at their reviews from customers, pictures of their results, as well as look at their website.

3. Wrap Your Hair Every Night

If you want your silk press to be long lasting, wrap your hair every night. Wrapping your hair allows you to keep your natural hair sleek and straight until you decide to return to coily. In addition, it prevents your hair from  rubbing against the cotton pillows whcih can cause friction, frizz and unnecessary flyaways. If you can't wrap your hair, then you can do option number 4 below.

4. Roller or Flexi-Rod Set Your Hair Every Night

If you can't wrap your hair then do a roller set or a flexirod set. Flexi-rods are easier because you can smooth the hair unto the rod as it it soft. THen, twist it to secure into place throughout the next. Roller sets may be harder as you can have to secure it inot place using a bobby pin. Regardless, both tools will keep the hair looking smooth which is want you want during this time.

5. Lightly Oil Your Hair When Needed

You may see your hair looking a little dull so it can be oiled. You can apply a few droplets to your hair endsa nd throughout the length of your hair. DO not apply a lot of oil as you can weigh your hair down. You don't need that much as styling and setting your silk pressed hair will become difficult, greasy and hard to comb. 

Our Tailored Beauty Lustrous Hair Remedy Hair Serum contains a premium herbal blend of Hempseed oil and Neem for strong, shiny, beautiful, hair. This Serum is light weight and will not weigh your favorite hairstyles down. Perfect for adding shine to to your favorite hair styles or locking in moisture.




6. Avoid excessive movement activities

Now we're not saying to not go to the gym, or do your daily jogging.  However, if you know these activities will cause you to sweat excessively, then find another option. Also, if you sweat a lot around your edges or in your scalp, then you should find another way to keep active. The sweat particles will cause your roots to become poofy. As well as, the sweat droplets may fall elsewhere  along the hair shaft. This can cause your silk press to be ruined before you expected it to. 

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