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Solutions For Your Common Natural Hair Problems


We hear all the time the common complaints of our Tailored Beauty Queens on their natural hair. Firstly we wanna say that you're not alone. If you have hair growth problems, we have been at that phase of our natural hair regimen too. These are common issues that you will face and shouldn't be discouraged. It is all a part of the journey, and more importantly, there is a solution.

Here are solutions for natural hair problems that we commonly face:

Lack of growth:
This is the most common as we want all want Rapunzel length hair. It should be flowing in the wind on a beautiful day. how do you get it? by using a hair growth oil and a famous technique called scalp massaging.

Our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil is made with 6 organic oils that your scalp will love. They all have benefits that will aid a healthy functioning scalp. the oils will absorb into the scalp to speed up the hair growth process. As well as, allow proper sebum production which is needed to coat your new growth as soon as it emerges from the scalp. The sebum contains moisture and protein which are the elements needed for healthy strands.

Apply a few drops to your scalp or the pads of your finger, then massage your scalp gently. You don't want to disturb your hairstyle as well as not be too rough on the scalp.

Lack of Moisture -
Another common one as lack of moisture leads to knots tangles and breakage, all of which can harm the length of our hair. So we got to keep the curls moisturized. Moisture is the retention of water so the best way to keep the water in is by sealing and/or locking it in. You can do this using oils/butter/cream using our Tailored Beauty LOC Package. 


What's in it:
Moisturizing Mist, 8oz.
Grow Thick Oil, 8oz.
Everything Butter, 8oz.


Itchy scalp -
An itchy scalp is because of multiple reasons such as poor product choice, not enough sebum production or an underlying health reason. You can combat it by using the right products made with organic ingredients for your scalp. At Tailored Beauty, you have two options our Tailored Beauty Coconut Creme Shampoo or Tailored Beauty Clay Detox Shampoo Bar. Both of which are sulfate-free so they will not disrupt the natural sebum production of your scalp. Therefore allowing your scalp to be thoroughly cleansed without removing the natural oils. Those oils are needed to maintain healthy sebum producing to coat your new growth.


Breakage -
Seeing those little hairs on the bathroom counter, sheets or on the floor. So to avoid all of this we have to ensure you're taking care of your coils on a weekly basis. So don't skip out on deep conditioning every week with our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment. This worthwhile product contains premium herbal blend of Fenugreek Powder and Bhringaraj Oil. This conditioner has the right amount of slip and nutrients to reduce breakage, strengthen and revitalize your hair strands. 

Frizzy Hairstyles -
We get it that spending an hour on your hairstyle only to have it ruined will get you defeated. Trust me, we've all been there which causes us to throw our hair into a bun. You need the right product that provides enough moisture, hold and sheen. It is the Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly. It's one of our best sellers because it works. It's a natural botanical blend which provides long lasting hold and shine without the crunch. Therefore, reducing frizz and loss of moisture throughout the duration of the style. 

We hope these solutions helped you on your natural hair journey.
If it did, share with a friend and let us know down below which issue you face.

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