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Quarantine Hairstyles Using Tailored Beauty Products

Quarantining at home is a new norm that we’re all adjusting too.

We have to home school the kids while trying to manage our 9 to 5 workload.
As well as, trying to learn to work from home without being easily distracted by the kids, the place needing to be cleaned, and having meetings 24/7 using zoom.

During all of this chaos, sometimes we just don’t have time to style our hair.
So, we cover it up with a bonnet and show up for our skype/zoom calls and meetings with our team and senior personnel. Instead, show up in a protective style!

You can do mini twists, mini braids, or buns.

MINI Twists

You can style your hair into mini twists.
It’s an easy long-term protective style. There is little to no manipulation needed from you. Hence, you can just wake up, get ready and show me for your meetings. Mini twists can last up to 6 weeks depending on your maintenance. In addition, mini twists can be restyled into other styles. It can be placed into a low/high ponytail, low/high bun, half up/half down, among other styles. As well as, it will make a beautiful twist out when it’s time to take them down.

Recommended products:
1. Tailored Beauty Everything Butter
The butter is great for styling as it is rich in organic nutrients that will hold the style and keep your strands moisturized in the process.


Cornrows or Braids: 

Or, you can style your hair into mini braids.
Another easy long-term protective style that requires little to no maintenance. They usually last less than time mini twists depending on your hair’s frizz level. But they still work just as good. In addition, you can dress up your  braids using clips or beads. These will accentuate the look especially if you have to go outside. As well as, it will make a beautiful braid out when it’s time to take them down.


Recommended Products: -

1. Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly
The jelly contains a botanical blend that will give you long-lasting hold without the crunch. In addition, the minerals aid in locking in moisturize throughout the life of the style.



Or, you can just go back to your good ole trusty bun.
Buns have saved us from bad and lazy hair days. And, it can save us from this quarantine period as well. Placing your hair into a bun is one of the simplest natural hairstyles that you can do. It keeps the ends protected from any interaction with our clothes, the weather, and tools. It usually lasts a week and can be restyled into a low bun, high bun or even double buns.

Recommended Products: -
1. Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control
The edge control allows you to have tamed and slick backed hairstyles without any flakes or product build-up. It is rich in all-natural ingredients that will promote strong and fuller edges.


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