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Our Tailored Beauty Ambassadors Top Natural Hair Tips

While we're all on this journey together - we should learn from one another. Everyone has their own story of how they started embracing their natural coily/kinky/curly hair. And in that story are some tips, tricks and lessons that we can all learn from. As well as add to our regimen to make our natural hair wash days, styling and maintenance easier.

Here are our Tailored Beauty Ambassadors Top Natural Hair Tips:

1. Cleanse and Condition Often

 - KI (@itsikkiha)

No one can healthy hair without first starting with a cleansed scalp and conditioned hair strands. Both of which are achieved using a shampoo and conditioner.  Our Tailored Beauty Coconut Shampoo is sulfate free 
which cleanses and strengthens hair without leaving it feeling stripped. It is formulated with aloe vera juice that moisturizes and restores hair's natural pH. Follow up with our Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Conditioner.  It contains mango butter leaving the hair soft, smooth and saturated. With an ample amount of conditioner it will give your hair the slip ti needs to remove the knots and tangles. 




2. Massage your scalp using a growth oil

 Charese (@cho_rawtid)

Our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil is the lightweight oil is the answer you need to healthy hair. It will promote stronger, thicker and healthier growth once used consistently in the routine. Apply a few drops and massage it into the scalp, especially in the areas where their is slows growth such as your edges and napes. With only 6 oils in it, it's effective and efficient. Not only will your hair grow, your hair will stay moisturized as it can be used as the "oil" in the LOC method.

List of oils in the Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil:
Castor Oil
Sesame Seed Oil
Avocado Oil
Apricot Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Rosemary Oil 

3. Use Organic Stylers:
 Morgan (@curlytopmorgan)

After setting our style on the weekend, our hairstyle should last a couple of days before we need to restyle. The best way to get these results is by using organic stylers. Not only does it provide great definition and hold, it provides hydration and seal. So while we're busying doing what we do best which is living life, our hair is thriving without any intervention from us.

The Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly is great for defining styles such as  wash n gos, twistouts, braidouts, bantu knot outs, and perm rod sets. It is perfect for defining all hair types. It will provide long lasting hold without leaving your hair feeling crunch or in flakes. The natural botanical blend will promote hair growth, locks in moisture and adds sheen. 

For you to see the best results ever in your natural hair journey ensure to use products from the same product line as they are designed to work at their best together. 

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