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Our CEO's Top Tailored Beauty Picks!


Our CEO Keya James, perfectly tailored these products with your hair in mind. She loves how versatile her natural hair is and doesn’t conform to a specific natural hair group. Keya started right in her kitchen experimenting about 8 years ago after becoming frustrated with  the ingredients in products on the market.  After sharing both her and her daughter's hair journey on Youtube and showcasing her natural hair products, her subscribers asked her to sell the products that she was making. So it’s safe to say that she knows the best products needed for your natural hair. She recommends her top 5 products Tailored beauty products


Tailored Beauty Hair Vitamins – She created these vitamins because she wanted to implement a vegan supplement into her hair regimen. Keya James is a Vegan and  since she couldn't find any on the market, she decided to make her own. They are made with organic ingredients, specifically herbs, that will not only promote growth but aid you in retaining it.


Curl Potion Mousse – Next, her favorite styler is the curl potion mousse. This alcohol-free mousse is created with top medicinal ingredients and is used to create her signature rod sets. She uses it alone on freshly blow-dried hair to set her rod sets. She also pairs this with the Lustrous Remedy Hair Potion to add additional shine to her styles.


Grow Thick Oil– As a low porosity  a naturalista, Keya struggled with moisturizing early on in her hair journey. This was  the second Tailored Beauty product that went to market, but it was 2 years in the making. The Grow thick oil  contains 7 oils that grow and thicken hair.  Not only is  this our CEO's top pick, but it is an online and retail best seller! 

Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioning treatment: Our CEO believes that ayurvedic herbs work for the health of your hair and created a deep conditioner with these sed herbs infused into it. She doesn’t mean to brag, but it is the best deep conditioner on the market (and I'm sure you can boast with her too). The ayurvedic herbs include fenugreek, bhringraj, and so much help to impart shine, moisture, promote growth, retain length, enhance curl pattern and os much more. It will improve the health of your hair tremendously.


Perfect Coils Curling Jelly and Edge Control.   This no crunch jelly is always her go-to product for her twist or braid outs. With this styler, she can get about 7  days out of her hairstyle using the product alone. It provides your parched tresses with moisture, shine, strength. As well as, enhancing your natural curl pattern so that the style sets hence it will last longer. She likes to finish off her curly hairstyles with The Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control. This edge control is designed to strengthen and grow edges.


Our CEO will not recommend products that will not work for your hair. Tailored Beauty was designed with maintaining the health of your hair. And if you want proof of the health fo her hair, you can always check out her Instagram- keyajames_ or youtube channel (KeyaJ).

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One thought on “Our CEO's Top Tailored Beauty Picks!

  1. avatar Tiffani Williams says:

    Omg! I love every single one of your products!!! You have made yourself a life long customer and I tell all my friends, family and followers how amazing and top quality it is!!!
    Thank you so much!


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