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New Year, Renewed Hair

It's beginning to look a lot like a ... new year.
We are so grateful to have made it to 2021.
And we're hope that you're ready to smash those goals like we are.
One of those goals that should be on your list is having healthy hair.

In the year of 2021, we should take things up a notch.
We know we're supposed to deep condition every week, detangle with our fingers, and so much more. But how can we boost our steps?



Here are 4 ways:

1. Add an Oil to your Deep Conditioner :-
Deep conditioners are as the name suggests deeper conditioning treatments. They are used to revitalise our hair strands on a weekly basis. By adding an oil into the mixture, you're able to increase the intensity of your deep conditioner. The oil is able to trap the molecules from the product unto the hair strands. As well as, add another level of penetration of vitamins and minerals into the hair strand. The more intensity, the more moisture and protein that you're hair will get.

You can do this step in two ways whether to:
A. Add a few drops of the Tailored Beauty Growth Oil to the Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioning Treatment.

B. After applying the Tailored Beauty Penetrating Deep Conditioning Treatment, coat your hair with the Tailored Beauty Growth Oil

2. Oil Your Scalp Daily :-
I am sure that we have been slacking with our scalp care this past year, so why not be better in 2021. Oiling your scalp aid sin improving the health of your scalp as vitamins and minerals are being absorbed to promote healthy hair growth. Luckily for you, the Tailored Beauty Growth Oil has a nozzle which makes applying it to the scalp easier.

This can be an additional 5 minute step in your morning and/or night routine. After pulling off your bonnet, right before you fluff your hair to head out for work/school oil your scalp. Or, before you put your bonnet on for bed, oil your scalp.

3. Mist Your Hair Daily :-
After 3 to 4 days of wearing our hair out in the sun, rain, wind, snow or just unforeseen weather conditions, the hair becomes a little dry. Depending on your busy schedule, no one has time to necessarily "restyle". So why not add some hydration by misting your hair? 

Using our Tailored Beauty Moisturising Mist, you can mist daily, every other day or when it needs a quick me up. The mist will evenly coat the hair strands with the hydration that it needs. It can make your wash and go from looking dull to vibrant, hydrated and moisturised for the remainder of the week. 

4. Secure Your Hair At Nights :- 
Protect your hair at nights using a satin cap. So we're aware that stain keeps the moisture in. As well as, prevents it from rubbing against our cotton pillow cases. However, sometimes the satin cap falls of at nights because it's not secured. So why not use our Tailored beauty Satin Cap. Not only does it protect your hair, maintain moisture levels, but it keeps the satin cap in place throughout the entire night. It has the draw string that you're able to pull tight r loose depending on your preference.  

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