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Natural Hairstyle You Can Do On Your Child's Hair




Combing your daughter's Hair isn't easy especially if you don't know what to do.
Our Tailored Beauty Moms are always thinking of creative, quick and easy styles to do on their daughter's hair with our products. You can start using our products on their hair from as early as 2 months.

Here are 3 Natural Hairstyles To Try This Summer:

1. Cornrows

For this hairstyle, you can do bigger or smaller parts to suit your daughter's needs. The bigger the parts, the quicker and fuss free the hair style. However, the smaller the parts, the longer the style can last.

Recommended Tailored Beauty Products:
Ensure to Wash and Hydrate her hair using the Tailored Beauty Wash Day Kit. The kit contains our Tailored Beauty Clay Detox Shampoo Bar, Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment, Penetrating Leave IN Conditioner and Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum. All of which will give her scalp and hair a clean and hydrated feel. Next, to style you have 2 options which is either our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter or Tailored Beauty Curl Potion Mousse. Both of which will keep her cornrows frizz free during the summer's heat.

2. Ponytails

Recommended Tailored Beauty Products: 
For toddlers we recommend just shampooing using the Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo to remove any lint, dirt and excess oil. Then, hydrate using our Tailored Beauty Leave-In Conditioner which will make her hair soft and easy to seal. Then, coat their hair  with a few drops of our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil. Finally, seal with our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter to ensure everything is locked in. Next, section her hair into two to four parts and secure with a bubbles or scrunchie. You can braid or twist the ponytail depending on what your daughter likes.

3. Bantu Knots:


To achieve Bantu Knot outs out results like our Mini Beauty Queen, you need key products as her mom suggested which are all from our Tailored Beauty Line.

Recommended Tailored Beauty Products:
Ensure to Wash and Hydrate her hair using the Tailored Beauty Wash Day Kit. The kit contains all of the products need for a deep cleanse, hydrating and sealing of your daughter's curls. In the kit is the  Tailored Beauty Everything Butter  which contains shea butter which is great for a textured style such as a bantu knot. Also, the butter will keep the frizz and flyaway at bay. SO whenever you decide to unravel her curls are defined and shiny.

Our Tailored Beauty Products are safe for all ages and all hair types.
Keya has been using these products on her daughter Summer since she was born so that her curls are always hydrated and nourished to achieve healthy hair.

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