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Top Ingredients To Look For In Your Natural Hair Gels


With so many different natural hair products in the market, there are a lot of options to choose from. This can become overwhelming especially if we don't know what to look for. That being said, there are a lot of gels that are not good for our hair. They are filled with different alcohols, parabens, mineral oil, and other harmful ingredients/ These remove the moisture from our hair strands that we worked to apply using the LOC/LCO method. In the end, our hair will be dry and become more susceptible to frizz, breakage, and knots. 

You have to be careful of the products that you are using in your natural hair care regimen. IN this post, we list the top 3 ingredients that you should look for in your hair. They will provide all that you need to keep your tresses nourished while allowing you to have great hair results.

Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly



1. WATER - Well if you didn't know it then now you know it. Water is a must in your natural hair products. It is the best form of hydration for our curls. So why would you not use a product that doesn't have water?  The curls will absorb the hydration from the h20 molecules which usually cause it to swell, coil, or kink up. And as such your hairstyles for example a wash and go become more defined. More importantly, water should be the first ingredient of the gel. It indicates that the ingredient with the most content in the mixture is water. Some manufacturers may have aloe vera juice, however, water is Ideal.





2. GEL SUBSTANCE - Next up is the gel-like substance. This is a tricky one because many individuals don't know whats giving the gel the "Sticky substance" in the product. It's usually hidden under a "scientific" or hard to pronounce the name. What you should look for are aloe vera gel, horsetail extract, stinging nettle extract, and chamomile. These are natural alternatives to give the product sticky or gel-like consistency. They will highlight and enhance your natural curl pattern. As well as, provide hydration, strength, and sheen to your naturally coily or kinky hair.




3. OIL - Your gel should contain oils. A lot of people may disagree because it may weigh down the curls, add too much shine, let the hair feel greasy, or block moisture from coming into the hair strands. That will only happen if you are using a poor product. An all-natural gel will have the perfectly blended mixture with oil. The oil will enhance the gel and not overbear it. It will add sheen without weight down your hair or allowing your curls to become ready. In addition, it may provide additional benefits to your scalp and hair.




All that we've mentioned previously is in our Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly. It is one of our best sellers because it provides our Tailored Beauty customers sheen, hydration, and more importantly, DEFINITION and HOLD. 
Not only is great for your wash and god, but it can be used for your twist out, braid outs, three-strand twist outs, buns, frohawks, and so much more.

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