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How To Winterize Your Natural Hair Regimen

After the Black Friday deals and thanksgiving has passed, winter is right around the corner. It's better to be aware of what to do is without being left behind. Especially in the case of the health if our natural. We all have Christmas plans with friends, family, or just ourselves. So let's add taking care of our natural hair to the mix as well.

Here is how to winterize your natural hair regimen:

1. Deep Condition Weekly
With the drop in temperature depending on where you are, it's going to get chilly fast. The cold air likes to leave our hair in the driest state possible as it is robbing our hair of its well-needed moisture. And so we have to ensure that our hair has a consistent supply of it weekly. In addition, the hair is in a fragile state. The loss of moisture, temperature changes will leave our curls susceptible to breakage. And so you should be missing no deep conditioning treatments weekly.

2. Always have moisturizer on hand
If you let your hair out during this time, it's going to always need a touch-up. With the cold air blowing long your hair shaft, it is taking away the hydration from your hair. So to always keep your kinks, coils, and curls hydrated you must always have a moisturizer on hand. You can apply a moisturizer daily, or every 2 days depending on what works for you.

3. Do A Weekly Hot Oil Treatment
Get your favorite oil which should be our oil _. Place it in hot water. Then, after 5 minutes coat the hair strands with ample amounts of oils from tips to root. You don't want to put too much so your curls are weighed down and the boil starts running down. However, just enough to penetrate the hair shaft.

Hot oil treatments are great and soften the hair so that it's easier to manage. as well, the heat opens the hair cuticle so that the nutrients and vitamins can seep into the hair shaft.

4. Install a protective style
With all the festivities we have planned for the Christmas season.
We have to visit family, friends, significant others and so much more.
So we may not have time to style our hair. And as such, we usually put it in a protective style. If you are going to ensure that it's one that keeps your hair in a good condition. So ensure to do your pre-styling regimen. So your hair is in a moisturized state before going into a long-term protective style.

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