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How To Revive Your Protective Styles



We're still in protective style season as to how it is summer.
You may have been wearing those braids/twists for 4 to 5 weeks now and they are looking ......... let's just say not so good. But, you don't want to or have the time to change your hairstyle. So we recommend just reviving your old hairstyle to make it look new.

After a couple of weeks of not combing your hair, the new growth will start protruding from the braid. Also, your hair will become dry because it lacks you manually moisturizing it with the LOC Method

And as such, we recommend 3 ways for you to revive your protective styles: 

1. Apply Mousse To The Protective Style - Use the Tailored Beauty Flexible Curl Potion Mousse. 
The mousse allows you to lay those stubborn flyaways that are poking through the braiding/curl pattern of the style. They will hold the hair in place so that the braid/twist doesn't look frizzy or dry. It will have a seamless, neat, and fresh look that will make it look like you just got your hair done.


The Tailored Beauty Flexible Curl Potion Mousse contains VP/VA Copolymer which gives the mousse the "hold" needed to lay your hair. As well as, coconut, aloe vera, hibiscus and so much more herbal ingredients that will keep your hair moisturized while it is protected. 


2. Lay Your Edges With Edge Control - Use The Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Control

The roots are usually the area that needs the most "Reviving". After 4 to 5 weeks of wearing a protective style, your new growth starts to show. This is a good sign as it means that your hair is growing. Remember, your hair grows 1/2 an inch every month. So you need to hold the new growth into place with the start of the braids or twist. How do you do that? Apply some edge control to the new growth and palm roll or finger coil it into your braid/twist.




And the edge control that you should use is the Tailored Beauty Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge control. It contains the key ingredient (and most naturals holy grail) "Jamaican Black Castor Oil. JBCO contains a range of minerals that will nourish the scalp to prevent the formation and/or growth of free radicals that are inhibiting the growth cycle of your hair strand. So while your edges are being sleeked down, it is being nourished as well.



3. Mist Your Protective Style -Use the Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mizt

Prior to applying the mousse to hold the flyaways or new growth in place, mist it down. Misting your hair is similar to spritzing your hair with moisture so that the hair strands stay hydrated for the rest fo the tenure of the protective style. Since you don't plan to cleanse or condition your hair, might as well get in the moisture from now.

We recommend using the Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist. It is packed with the best humectant which is glycerin. Humectants aid in moisturizing your hair shaft because they take moisture from the environment and place it in your hair shaft. Therefore, keeping your hair hydrated most of the time.

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