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How to Reduce Breakage


During our healthy air journey, we may just suffer from breakage.
Unlike shedding, breakage is usually a sign that something is wrong with your hair.
Our hair could be breaking due to lack of moisture, protection as well as strength.

Here are 3 easy to ways to reduce your hair breakage:

Deep Condition
Deep conditioning allows our hair to be penetrated with fortifying ingredients every week. The heat will lift the cuticle layer of every strand so that the minerals can seep into and nourish it. t will replenish and rejuvenate our weak and damaged hair strands in order to bring them back to life. After consistently deep conditioning your hair, you will see major differences in the health of your curls.

Trimming Constantly
  Our hair is constantly being manipulated by our hands, tools, and even our clothes. The constant friction will cause our hair strands to break. In addition, it can become knotted or even split. Before it gets to that state, you want to trim your hair ends constantly. You don’t have to do a big chop ever so often, but lightly dusting it will work. This allows you to keep your ends “fresh” and out of harm’s way.

 Our hair needs to stay moisturize in order to maintain the health and length of it. As you should the LOC method is one of the best moisturization techniques for our natural h hair. You would apply Liquid, Oil and Cream to your tresses in that. This technique allows your hair to be moisturized and the moisturized to be sealed in. once it is sealed, your hair stays hydrated for longer.

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