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How To Protect Your Natural Hair From The Environment

From sun exposure, wind, rain and pollutants, the environment can take a toll on your hair. The long term effects can take a toll on our hair as it can leave your hair looking dull, brittle and not healthy. It's essential to take steps in your natural hair regimen to maintain the health and longevity of your curls.

Here are 5 tips to help protect your natural hair from the environment:

1. Cover Your hair with satin-lined items:
Covering your hair shields your hair from the elements of the environment as it is not being exposed it. You should be covering with satin only as the satin aids in keeping the moisture locked in. Once it rubs against the hair shaft it wil not cause friction or frizz which can result in moisture loss.

There are satin lined headwear for inside and out.
You can wear a satin lined beanie if you need to run errands or head to work in the rain. As well as, do not forget to wear your satin cap right when you're about to go to bed. So as you're resting and rejuvenating for your beauty sleep, your hair is being protected overnight.

2. Moisturize Your Hair:
One of the keys to having healthy hair is  to keep your kinks hydrated at all times. If your hair is dry it is more susceptible to being damaged once it's exposed to the environment. Your hair is in a weak state so it may break easily, cause severe frizz as well as cause shedding.

The best way to keep your hair moisturized is by using a leave-in conditioner.
Our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-in Conditioner contains a premium herbal blend of Gotu Kola Extract and Neem Oil to restore moisture and awaken hair. This leave-in treatment strengthens strands, keeps hair manageable, and makes detangling a breeze. This is exactly what you need to keep yours hydrated for long. 




3. Limit Exposure To Pollutants:
This may be difficult to do depending on where you live or work.
However, if you do try your best too. Exposure to pollutants such as smoke, and gasses can cause damage to the health of your hair and scalp. The pollutants will absorb into the hair shaft and rob it of the moisture that it needs to thrive.  Do avoid spending extended period of time in these areas. However, if you can't do wear a protective headwear that is lined with satin (see tip #1). 

4. Avoid Products formulated with Harsh Chemicals

Products made with chemicals will leave your hair in a vulnerable state when it's exposed to the environment. Examples of these chemicals are sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, silicones and petrolatum. These ingredients will strip your hair of it's natural oils which should protect your hair. As well as, they create a film over the hair shaft to give the appearance that your hair is hydrated. However, underneath the film your hair is dry, weak and fighting for it's life.

Our Tailored Beauty products are formulated with organic ingredients. We care about the health of your hair. And all of our products are safe for all ages over 12 months. You can check out our Tailored Beauty Hair Growth Kit today.

5. Drink Plenty of Water:
Last but certainly not least is to keep yourself hydrated.
Drinking plenty of water is essential for maintaining the health of your hair and skin. Staying hydrated can help to prevent dry, brittle hair that is more susceptible to damage from the environment.

In conclusion, protecting your natural hair from the environment is essential to maintaining its health and appearance. By following these tips, you can help to keep your hair looking and feeling its best, even in the face of environmental challenges.




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