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How To Prevent Hair Breakage For Length Retention


The best way to achieve long retention is to prevent breakage, single strand knots, and split ends. All of these are preventing you from reaching your hair goals. They weaken the ends of our hair which are the oldest parts of our hair. Once they become weak or damaged, then they will fall off or we have to cut them off. To avoid all of that, here are 4 ways of prevent natural hair breakage:


1] Use Moisturizing Products

Keep your curls moisturized at all costs using the best products. Our Tailored beauty products are designed to give you maximum hydration using organic ingredients. With each product your hair will absorb all fo the vitamins and minerals needed to keep it hydrated. You can dot he LOC method with our Tailored Beauty LOC Package. As well as, using our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment  



2] Do Protective Styles - 
Wear protective styles that will keep your hand out of your hair.
Your protective styles doesn't; necessarily have to be braids or a wig.
it can be simple hairstyles such as buns, cornrows or mini twists.
The main reason to wear a protective style is to keep your hands out fo your hair. Once your hands comes into contact with your hand it can cause friction which will cause knots, split ends and even breakage. Also, it can cause your hair to become frizz and ruin your hairstyle.



3] Sleep With Satin

Sleep with a protective covering to protect your hair at nights. It can be a satin cap, satin sheets or even a satin pillowcase. As well as, you can sleep with all three for extra protection. Satin acts a defense layer as it prevents you from losing moisture which can cause unnecessary breakage and frizz. Research the best satin lined items before purchasing any as there are cheaply made ones being disguised as 'real' satin. 


4] Protect Your Ends

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair strands. They are prone to becoming damaged quicker as they are not as strong as they use to be. Therefore, they are easier to lose to knots, tangles, split ends, and breakage. You have to protect them at all costs. You can protect them using moisturizing products which will keep them hydrated. Ass well as, protective styles which prevent them from being accessed. And, sleeping with satin.






 At Tailored Beauty, all our products are safe for all ages and can be used by every member of the household. If you want to see more styling videos, follow us on Tiktok and Instagram.
And, if you want to purchase our products, pick them up at your local Walmart, Marshalls and TJMaxx Locations. 

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