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How To Not Be A Product Junkie

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Being a product junkie is common with the natural hair industry.
We always want to try a new product or line that comes out.
It's natural for us to want to experiment.
However, when we have 10 different deep conditioners that perform the same on our tresses what's the point? Or, 5 different styling gels that don't mix well with any of the conditioners that we have on hand, it is truly a waste of money.

So to cure your poor product junkie habits, we decided to give you the three best tips:

1. Stick to one line of products -  As hard as this may be, it is effective. Product lines are created using the same underlying basic ingredients.  These ingredients work well with each other. Hence, why beauty experts will say fi you're going to use the shampoo of x brand, it's best to use the conditioner of the same brand. Manufacturers have formulated so that the products work hand in hand for the optimum results.

As a natural, there are many lines to choose from so we recommend the Tailored Beauty Product Line. There is a product in their line for every step of your hair care regimen. For example, shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, moisturizer, and even a foaming mouse. In addition, similarly to other brands, their products wok even more superb with each other. 

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2. Use High Products WIth High-Quality Ingredients - 
If you use product with high-quality products, you would be less enticed to try a bunch of new products. The ingredients allow the product to efficiently and effectively get the job done for whatever capacity it is in. For example, a good styling gel will keep your curls hydrated, enhance the natural kinks and coils of your hair as well promote the natural sheen of your hair If it does all of that, you would be skeptical about trying new products. You could purchase a gel that has less high-quality ingredients that do nothing for the health of your hair.

At Tailored Beauty, the products are made with natural ayurvedic ingredients such as horsetail extract, male, neem, hibiscus and so much more. Each of these ingredients is rich in minerals that will penetrate the hair shaft to nourish the deepest layer of your hair strands to provide t with nourishment, repair and rejuvenate it. While allowing you to get the best results of your natural hairstyles.

3. Purchase products in a set -  As well as, purchase your hair products in sets or packages. This allows you to spend less and gain more products. The set is usually created to achieve a specific goal such as a successful wash day, growing your hair, or even moisturizing your hair. Instead of buying multiple products from multiple lines for your hair, everything is one. Some manufacturers have a discount code, reduce pricing, or a coupon code to use if you purchase all of the products in their set. So you'll be saving way more coins to build your empire at a later date. 

At Tailored Beauty, they sell a variety of sets for you to choose from:
1 - LOC Kit
2 - Styling Kit
3 - Curl Moisture and Length Retention Kit
4 - Hair Strengthening and Growth Kit

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